Ngô thanh vân the old guard

Vietnam’s A-list Movie Star, Veronica Ngo, is killing it on Netflix, from The Old Guard to domain authority 5 Bloods.

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By gen Ching | August 13, 2020 | | Comments count:0

You may think you haven’t seen Veronica Ngo before, but you have, especially if your stream Netflix. Like her character Quynh, the immortal partner of Andy (Charlize Theron) in The Old Guard, she’s been all over. She was the radio propagandist Hanoi Hannah in Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods; she also played Tien, the Inferni Elf assassin pursuing Will Smith in Bright, as well as và the Kung Fu assassin Mantis in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny; her tour de force, Furie, is on Netflix too. Made in Vietnam, Furie was submitted to lớn the Academy Awards as an International Feature Film entrée. Beyond Netflix, và in a galaxy far, far away, she played Paige Tico, the rebel martyr and Dreadnought bombardier who was the sister of Rose in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Like with many Asian stars, crossing the Pacific loses something in translation. Veronica’s Vietnamese name is Ngo Thanh Van. In many Asian cultures, the surname is first, và the given name follows. This confounds IMDb, which in a flailing effort lớn resolve this difference, labels her with a name that she’s never been credited as – ‘Van Veronica Ngo.’ Nevertheless, in Vietnam, Ngo is a longstanding celebrity. She caught the country’s attention in 2002 as a pop singer, going by her initials NTV. Two years later, she began acting for TV, & had a major break with Vietnam’s biggest martial arts film, The Rebel, in 2007.

The Rebel was Vietnam’s highest grosser at the time, demonstrating that Vietnamese cinema could deliver its own style of gritty brutal action. Since then, she’s appeared in a variety of movies, including two more major actioners, Clash and Once Upon a Time in Vietnam, and even directed herself in two fantasy films: The Lost Dragon, a goofy rom-com about heavenly fairies in modern Ho bỏ ra Minh city that was released for Tet (Vietnamese New Year) & Tam Cam: The Untold Story, a classic Vietnamese legend that begins eerily akin to lớn Cinderella, replete with an evil stepfamily, a prince, a ball, & the fitting of a lost slipper. It then takes an entirely different direction as a tale of reincarnation & undying love. This is a lushly CGI-heavy movie reminiscent of the fantasy films coming out of Mainland đài loan trung quốc lately. Ngo cast herself as Di Ghe, the evil stepmom, and she’s far worse than Cinderella’s.

Ngo spoke to lớn Den of Geek about The Old Guard along with some of her other projects.

Den of Geek: I’ve been a tín đồ of yours since The Rebel. Let’s start there.

Veronica Ngo: The Rebel was my breakthrough movie. It was the movie that gave me the title of the first female Vietnamese action star. I got supported by the Vietnamese people. They encouraged me to vì more kích hoạt movies và since then I have become the only female kích hoạt star in Vietnam.

How did you land the role for Quynh in The Old Guard?

When the movie had filmed for two weeks, my agency in America called me & said that The Old Guard wanted me lớn be a part of it. They said Charlize Theron watched Furie and was really interested in inviting me khổng lồ her project. During our conversation through Skype, Charlize and I found our mutual voice to lớn acknowledge the fact that women lượt thích us work hard to fulfill the roles in the Hollywood action movies. After that 45-minute-long discussion, và with the empathy we had, Charlize felt safe lớn give me the role.

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How was working with Charlize?

For me, Charlize Theron is a talented & extremely brilliant woman. I admire her for the high standard of movies she has played in. Now, having a chance to work with her, I understand why she reached that position in Hollywood. With her outstanding talent, great beauty, & unpredictable ability, I vị admire her even more.

The original comic book character of Quynh was Japanese, but you had her changed khổng lồ Vietnamese. How important was that for you?

I think it is very important since this is the time when I speak up with my own voice and represent Vietnamese talent. I believe we have a lot to show, and because I have this precious chance lớn connect with a Hollywood movie like this, I would love lớn show my race và my background in the film industry. Also it is very important khổng lồ see that the movie made by Hollywood has diverse choices so we can learn together và grow better.

How does Hollywood action choreography compare khổng lồ how it is done in Vietnam?

Working with an American kích hoạt team has its advantages. Their team joined big projects so they have the experience & creativity to lớn come up with spectacular fighting scenes. Before The Old Guard, I have worked with other Hollywood kích hoạt movies, so I am not that surprised with their professionalism.

Furie was such a physical role. How did you prepare? & did you suffer any injuries during filming?

Furie is a movie that I had to prepare physically for over two months. I did have a very big injury during the first week of shooting. I hurt my kneecap và I couldn’t walk for a week. After I hurt myself, the production had to stop filming và wait for my recovery. At that time, I was very scared that I might not walk again. That is why I planned to do it as my last action movie. But luckily, I am all recovered now.

How did you feel when Furie was submitted for the Academy Awards?

I am very proud to hear the news that Furie represents the Vietnamese cinema submitted to Academy Awards. It’s a payoff to all the hard work that we put into the project. There are many people involved. We want lớn be heard – representing the people, the culture, & the love from Asia to lớn the world.

What martial arts vì you practice?

Through all the years I have been an actress, I have trained in many different kinds of martial arts. For each project, I only do my training for that. And if the character requires a specific style, I practice for that.

And how was joining the Star Wars galaxy?

The journey khổng lồ Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a great experience for me. From being shocked to lớn hear the news of my role until flying khổng lồ London lớn start the shooting days, it was a journey of being cherished. I felt blessed to lớn be chosen và treated specially. I was fully supported to bởi vì my job well.

What’s next for Veronica Ngo?

I am currently producing a sequel lớn Furie in Vietnam. I hope the world can watch more Vietnamese movies and tư vấn us. Thank you.