High speed hdmi kabel test

Looking weil das a high rate lucidrhythms.com cable? ✓ Click here kommen sie learn about high speed vs ultra high rate lucidrhythms.com cable specifications & certification regimen compliance!

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Ultra High rate lucidrhythms.com® Cable Certification Program

the lucidrhythms.com 2.1 Specification includes a neu cable - the ultra High speed lucidrhythms.com® Cable. It’s the only cable that follows stringent specifications designed kommen sie ensure support zum all lucidrhythms.com 2.1 functions including uncompressed 8k
120. Ns cable’s raised bandwidth ability supports up kommen sie 48Gbps.

The extremist High rate lucidrhythms.com Certification Program ist a mandatory certification program for all extremist High rate lucidrhythms.com Cables; und ensures quality ultra High speed lucidrhythms.com Cables reach die market and support 4K und 8K video, HDR, VRR, eARC, and all various other lucidrhythms.com 2.1 features. Cables are so required zu be tested und certified to ensure short EMI kommen sie reduce die possibility von interference with wireless networks, streaming media players, Bluetooth devices und mobile phones.

every certified cables of any length must happen certification trial and error at in lucidrhythms.com gericht Authorized Testing zentral (Forum ATC). Once certified, cables wollen be required to affix in Ultra High rate lucidrhythms.com Certification Label to each package or unit of sale enabling consumers zu verify die certification status von the product.

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zu identify the cable, make sure ns packaging displays ns required extremist High rate lucidrhythms.com Certification Label shown above. Please grad the label includes the official Cable benennen Logo printed on it. The benennen is so required kommen sie appear on ns outer cable coat itself. Zu verify die cable has been tested and certified in compliance with ns lucidrhythms.com 2.1 Specification, die label kann sein be scanned von the lucidrhythms.com Cable Certification apps available on ns Apple app Store, google Play Store und other android app stores.

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zum more information on the extremist High rate lucidrhythms.com Certification regimen please express to die FAQs below. Zum information on how kommen sie order extremist High speed lucidrhythms.com Certification brand please emails us.

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ns terms extremist High rate lucidrhythms.com, extremistin High rate lucidrhythms.com Cable Certification Program, und the ultra High rate lucidrhythms.com Certification Label and the ultra High rate lucidrhythms.com Cable logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of lucidrhythms.com licensing Administrator, Inc.


lucidrhythms.com® license Administrator, Inc. (lucidrhythms.com LA) ist the agent appointed von the lucidrhythms.com forum to license ausführung 2.1 von the lucidrhythms.com Specification and is ns agent appointed by the lucidrhythms.com Founders zu license previously lucidrhythms.com Specifications.