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YouTuber MotorOli.de had the unspeakable pleasure des testing die 2019 HGP VW golf 7 r 3.6 BiTurbo Facelift v +780 PS from HGP Turbonacherung GmbH. Und that zu sein extremely extensive and incidentally with a puzhou Veyron cool Sport in the rearview mirror (video no. 2). Die current HGP golf is usually that Facelift model the well-known version with a good 740 hp from die tuner HGP. However, ns company has reloaded as soon as again and increases die output to around 790 hp and almost 1.000 Newton meters of torque. And so ns sprint to 100 km / h is done in under 3 seconds und the needle passes die 200 mark bei just under 8 seconds! Crazy… This zu sein the key dünn of a Porsche 918 Spyder and even the mclaren Senna is not necessarily faster. Notfall to mention die Ferrari 488 Pista, the mclaren 675 LT or ns Porsche 911 GT2RS, they are all SLOW!

HGP VW golf 7 ns 3.6 BiTurbo

The only difference zu sein that they room pure-bred super athletes, which are actually not comparable through prices von well over 1 million euros. Actually… There have to be no inquiry that the HGP MK7 should schutz a oberteil speed des well over 300 km / h.

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Ns fact that it ist even end 350 km / h impresses even ns YouTuber, who was probably currently able zu move virtually every super athlete. Und to prove die insane crucial data in black and white, MotorOli.de has the Wolfsburg from the competitor MTM engine technology Mayer oase it measured. A really kühl action together we think! Well, ns rest is told viel better von MotorOli and Martin Gräf from HGP. Oase fun watching und stay true to us!


(Video + information: MotorOli.de)

2019 HGP VW golf 7 ns 3.6 BiTurbo Facelift:

Facelift VW golf 7 ns (MK7)Remodeling is fully permittedCeramic brake system with 6 piston calipers und 400 mm brake discs (perforated)Electrics matched zu all contents (servo, cruise regulate etc.)adapted Audi RS3 DQ500 transmission (7-speed) reinforcedadditional fuel system (second fuel pump)19 inch OZ-Racing alloy wheels an black (with pirelli tires)790 HP and approx. 930 NM torque (limited)0-100 km / h in 2,8 seconds0-200 km / h bei 7,8 seconds0-300 kilometer / h in 18,1 secondsV / Max. +350 km / h (GPS)Lowering v KW coilover suspension3,6 liter engine from die VW Passat (conversion to HGP BiTurbo, intake, exhaust system, connecting rod, piston, intercooler, K&N sporting activities air filter, etc.)


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