As of fünfzehn January 2021, an Istanbulkart (used predominantly zum public transportation within die city) will need to be linked to a HES (Hayat eve Sığar) code to be used. For those unaware, a HES code ist a mitarbeiter code implemented über the Ministry of Health in 2019 to help track covid19 cases and is particularly focused on monitoring travel. It is often required zu enter places like shopping malls and government buildings, as well as for booking hotel accommodation, tickets weil das travel, und so forth.

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Getting a HES Code

Getting a HES code is fortunately a reasonably easy process, with three taste options on how kommen sie go around it. Those under 2 years old are exempt from requiring a HES code, while weist the momente those under 18 kann apply only via ns second und third methods mentioned below. Ns official HES webseite has informed that those under 18 wollen eventually it is in able zu apply via the app in the close to future.

The zuerst option und what we’d recommend for anyone living in Turkey, is to download ns Hayat eve Sığar app on android or iOS. This zu sein particularly valuable as freundin simply fill a form when zuerst using the anwendung to receive your HES code, and it deshalb generates a QR code for you kommen sie use when you visit places that need a HES password (such together shopping malls), und features alternatives like ar heat maps des known covid-19 cases, hospital details, und more.

A 2nd option zu sein to buchstabe 2023 with your details, top top a phone using a Turkish cell phone provider. (If freundin are a tourist here, you can always questioning your organize or anyone else who might be kind enough zu provide their phone to you zum a moment.)

If you’re Turkish, oase a residence permit, etc. You will text the complying with without commas: HES, (foreigner) identifier number, year of birth, und number des days you’d prefer to oase the HES code. Example buchstabe to 2023: HES 99… 1987 30

If you’re here on a tourist visa and have yet kommen sie receive your residence permit, then you’ll send die following without commas: HES, nationality, passport number, year des birth, und last name. Example buchstabe to 2023: HES 49… GBR 1987 Connolly.

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A third option is to follow the steps on die official e-government portal. Ns website is Turkish only, deswegen you’ll need kommen sie run it v a translator or have someone help you an this regard if sie don’t know die language.


Linking HES code to Istanbulkart

The simplest method von linking her Istanbulkart is via ns official website, which should look the same to die above image. Prefer with numerous official websites in Turkey, it kann sein be prone kommen sie errors, deswegen if you encounter issues, we encourage you to simply use a various browser. If sie are a tourist or do notfall yet have your residence permit, you wollen need to tick the first boxen “Yabancı Pasaport Numarası ile işlem yapmak istiyorum” zu proceed and instead carry out your passport number. This ar appears kommen sie be grayed out, yet should arbeiten (and if it does not, try a different browser).

The rest von the areas are reasonably straight forward. The address it is asking zum is bei e-mail attend to (not a physical address), and the card number ar corresponds kommen sie your Istanbulkart und not your identity card/residence permit.

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Once completed sie should be sent in SMS confirmation code which you’ll enter, after i beg your pardon you’ll be paired und ready kommen sie go. (Note: the website just confirms this and you might get an SMS about your phone call number gift linked kommen sie future updates, yet there’s no coherent confirmation past this.)

Safe travels and please remember zu follow accuse closely to help reduce ns spread.