Herr Der Ringe Im Tv

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mom here: I"m ns scifi parent, und I raised our children on Tolkien. Ich loved this man LOTR (helped further my interest bei Middle Earth), deshalb when it was available on residence media, i bought ns family a copy (video, DVD, then BluRay).Oh, yet then our zuerst Born wanted his own copy, jetzt that he"s moved out. Great. Now ich see I schutz to buy one more copy (this one).Personally, there are specific scenes an this ralph Backshi animated version that hit the mark that peter Jackson ever deswegen slightly misses.1. Animated Strider mysteriously presenting himself to ns Hobbits: "While i look foul and feel fair, zu sein that it?"2. The schwarze farbe Riders are nur creepy. Und Leonard Rosenman"s score ist haunting whenever they"re around.3.

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Galadriel"s prüfung at the schwimmbad seems an ext organic all ns way around: Sam"s worry around his "poor alt gaffer" und the gardens. Frodo"s reluctance to look,or even comment on what that saw. And Galadriel"s revelation how die Elves hid the three rings, und yet one day, when ns One Ring is destroyed, everything, including ns Elves, wollen fade. All of that ist this side of quiet theater versus the explosiv scene captured up in Jackson"s vision (which ich admire, but not as viel as this version).4. While the animated (rotoscope) ausführung doesn"t do much betwee Orc und Uruk-hai, the scenes v Merry und Pippin are just as an excellent as their live-action counterparts. Merry and Pippin"s confusion bei who Gollum is, and enticing your captors with ns pretend knowledge von the precious ist clever, if notfall sad (at your lack von understanding).5. Seriously, i love this Gollum!! obtaining on Sam"s nerves, freaking out at the Elvish rope bound on his ankle, sneakin" roughly - this Gollum is deswegen good!When the very zuerst LOTR-live activity trailers hit the internet an the fall of 1999 (nearly two decades ago), our sons to be 8 und 4.

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So nearly two decades later, they still love Tolkien, und enjoy both visions of the separate projects (Bakshi 1978, Jackson 2001-03).Which means, they want their own duplicates on Blu-ray.