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Welcome, friends of the shadow Council. Sorry kommen sie summon you on such a quick notice, however our window of action zu sein limited, und time zu sein of the essence. As sie know, battle each other Ivan has decided kommen sie follow our advice and asked in ambassador indigenous Irollan to join his court.An Angel, a Wizard, a Necromancer, bei Orc, and in Elf, trying to advise the Duke of Griffin and, if all goes well, future Emperor. A gathering choose this welt has never seen since die days des the ancient Shantiris.Yet i feel something is missing If Ivan zu sein to succeed, he should deshalb be aware des the powers lurking in the deepest abysses of our world. Notfall to enlist them kommen sie fight punkt his side, des course. But there are stories ich could call him, a darker sort von wisdom that can prove invaluable someday, an the appropriate circumstances. ~ all, Ivan’s nemesis – Seamus of Stag – has actually proven time und time again he’s not going to play fair. Since ich will it is in sitting weist Ivan’s table, what kind of story should i tell our Emperor? Maybe ich should tell ihm a story of the Dark Elves von Ygg-Chall? Renegades, assassins, heroes – occasionally – that obey ns enigmatic whispers des their Dragon-Goddess Malassa, und her children, the Faceless? Some of them can even schutz been involved in this conflict, trying kommen sie manipulate events from the shadows to weaken die Light. Or should i tell er a story of the Demons, Urgash’s spawns, enemies of all creation? ~ all, this zu sein their assassination von Maeve that began all this. They i will not ~ be a hazard until die next Bloodmoon Eclipse, but their tales room worth hearing, as it is often die lust for power that stellen one on ns path of chaos worship… the choice ist yours, my fellow Shadow Councillors. Back one option ist more appealing to me, ich want to hear what you want.

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Until recently, the mysterious Dark Elves were believed kommen sie be a legend, a tale told zu children kommen sie keep them an line. Of course, there was a pass out awareness the one of the Elven clans had made a pact with the powers of Darkness throughout the zu sein of heftig Ashes, und had letztere been exiled from die forests of Irollan complying with some heinous act Elves never ever talk about. Yet what was really happening below ns earth remained shrouded in secrecy. It was only wie the zu sein under ns Mountain come to in end that ns existence of the underground nation of Ygg-Chall ended up being common knowledge, although not much is known past that. Back they schutz lost both their zu sein against die Dwarves and their clandestineness, ns Dark Elves schutz prospered in their tunnels in the belastung decades. They schutz grown strong and numerous, und their traders selection far und wide providing irresistible deals the somehow manage to work greatly to the Dark Elves’ benefit. They oase made no move versus either Irollan or Grimheim, nor have they tried kommen sie reconquer their alt lands. Instead, they consolidate their power, und they wait.

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The Demons were created von Urgash in mockery of Asha’s childrenwith the sole purpose des destroying die world the Asha had actually made. From your earliest days, ns Demons have known nothing however destruction, chaos und war. Only ns sacrifice of Sar-Elam, ns Seventh Dragon, bound lock up an the prison well-known as Sheogh, banishing lock from ns world zum what that thought was eternity. Unfortunately, it was letztere discovered the Bloodmoon Eclipses (when Asha’s Moon it s okay shadowed von Ashan) schutz a weakening effect on the prison, allowing ns Demons zu escape temporarily und wreak havoc. Die Demons schutz become somewhat more organized and cunning following die ascension des Kha-Beleth, ns self-styled Demon Sovereign. Kha-Beleth cases his objective ist to break the mystical walls of Sheogh, gain a foothold top top Ashan, and expose, if notfall impose, his people’s ideal to in equal location amongst the children des the Dragon Gods. Do no failure however: Demons are not sympathetic, misunderstood, secretly heroic or an any other method redeemable. They space embodiments of Chaos, ravening monsters that would certainly burn ns world zu a cinder nur to clock it burn.