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Shalom everyone!

Henryk Broder’s talk at die AfD fraction von the bundestag onJan 29, 2019, as documented byDie Welt and lucidrhythms.comon31.01.2019Translated by bea sara goll© 2019 are von the translator.

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, say thanks to you zum the invitation.

I oase been kommen sie the bundestag several times, many recently weist a meeting des the Petitions Committee. Yet I oase never spoken before a faction. My erste choice would oase been theGrüne. I would schutz even kommen sie here by bike or a rowboat. But theGrüneare notfall that far yet, that they would certainly invite someone choose me. Zuerst of all, ich would oase to anfang separating mine waste, heating my house sparingly und using less water. Ich do not do that. I do not even glauben that the climate adjust exists because there has not been a day in history when die climate has notfall changed. Climate change zu sein as neu as ns eternal succession of winter, spring, summer and fall. What zu sein new is that ns climate has become the fetish des the enlightened, who believe neither in Jesus nor an Moses or Mohammed. The British writer Gilbert Keith Chesterton, the inventor des Father Brown, has currently said ns right thing: "Since people no longer believe an God, castle do notfall believe in anything, they believe all sorts of nonsense."

The worldwide hype surrounding a 16-year-old Swede, who considers herself a revenant von Jeanne d'Arc, has actually proved that again, nur recently.

But this was just my effort at in icebreaker to warm up. Rückseitig to the beginning: nur as ich wonder why you invited me und not Richard david Precht, so ask you yourself why i accepted die invitation.

The smell des garlic and sulfur

The thing ist very simple. They want to see if anyone who tun können write as an excellent as i do could speak nur as well-in the ns or hell of brown spotted lions, in the line pit des reaction, in the darkroom des history. And besides, sie want kommen sie know if I'm really as likable as ich always seem when on TV. Some des you may never have seen a real Jew in nature und are jetzt waiting zum the room to fill with the smell des garlic and sulfur.

I prefer doing stuff I've never ever done before. I recently went on a cruise for the zuerst time bei my life - und I liked it a lot. On mine to-do list, which i would like to work off prior to my 75th birthday, room still: the visit to a swingers club, ns journey to die center von the earth and a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway with florian Silbereisen together my personal butler. Return a visit zu you was not on mine list, i accepted ns invitation anyway; when does a Jew get the opportunity kommen sie perform in a room full des Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Crypto-Nazis und Para-Nazis?

Besides, I'm just doing what ns Bundespresident has actually recently advised us kommen sie do. We should method each other; get kommen sie know each various other better, talk zu each other bei order kommen sie strengthen die cohesion von this society.

That's specifically what I’m doing. I in a bridge builder, a reconciler; i advocate a colorful, open and tolerant society in which no one is marginalized. I judge people bei my setting not von origin, skin color or religion, but by whether, bei broad terms, they also accept opinions other than their own. I bei der tolerant to die limit von self-denial, but i do not want to be tolerant des a group of people: die intolerant ones, who make themselves ns measure des all things und promise me either eternal life in paradise, if i follow them, or a box seat an hell, if ich refuse them.

That, ladies und gentlemen, was the introduction. Jetzt follows the hauptsächlich part.

PC is in empty box

The idea was that we talk about Political Correctness, despite nobody knows what die term yes, really means. The is in empty kasten into which anyone can throw whatever he considers inappropriate, evil, violation or dangerous, noþeles that could threaten "social peace" and that - social peace - ist not something the serves gelassenheit but rather something that threatens ns freedom of expression.

That we can no longer buy "Negro Kisses" and that ns Sarotti Moor has been change the name "Sarotti - Magician of the Senses" - that I tun können live with. Worse, viel worse, i find that in some dutch supermarkets there zu sein no longer any kind of "Jodenkoeken" (Jewish cake), a specialty von shortcrust pastry, which was invented über a Jewish baker hinweisen the end of die 19th century. The "Jodenkoeken" are jetzt called "Dutch cookies" and are exported under this nennen all die way zu China. That might be politics correct, but i shall contact it a cultural expropriation. I want mine Jodenkoeken back!

In Germany, this splendid product ist not sold, which most likely has zu do with die name. That would schutz to it is in renamed, politically correctly, bei "Jewish Men and Women’s Cake," und that would be a good laugh then.

But also that is just a petitesse on die edge des the pc field. What ich find unspeakable and intolerable, on ns other hand, is a statement von Cardinal Marx, chairman des the German Bishops' Conference. He recently said in a discussion in Berlin that ns term "Christian Occident" should notfall be used, because it zu sein "exclusionary".Even more annoying than die cardinal's statement was that no one disagreed with him und nobody stated what this statement zu sein for: a preventive submission.

Now, as a Jew, it would not matte to me exactly how a cardinal specifies Europe und what semantic exercises he does to avoid being suspected des "marginalizing" anyone. At erste glance, together a statement might be seen as a sign des humility; bei fact, die opposite is the case. It demonstrates conceit und hypocrisy. "Look exactly how tolerant we are! we do not even claim our story zum ourselves!"

To exclude no one might be a noble idea. It just races past die reality. I oase never to be invited zu a Eucharist celebration. Will ich be marginalized? in application from me weil das a ar inJungle Campwas notfall even answered: a clean case des exclusion! und what about the many prelates, vicars, chaplains und deacons an the Catholic Church that did not make it zu Cardinal? just how must they endure from exclusion? not to mention the women, who schutz no wahrscheinlichkeit of being embraced into the cardinals' circle.

Political correctness beginning where reality ends

Even an nature there zu sein always exclusion. A hamster has no choice, also though the would fairly be traveling as a gazelle, one need to feel sorry weil das all giraffes that dream of a life as dolphins, but we cannot assist them.

Political correctness beginning where fact ends, bei the jetzt over 70 gender options, in the quite funny assertion that man and woman are notfall biological facts, but "social constructs" the leave everybody ns choice, whether he or she wants zu be a man or a woman or heute this and tomorrow that.

Whereby it ist scandalous thatder Mensch zu sein a masculine noun zum which there ist no feminine counterpart.

While we sit here dafür nicely, a dozen doctoral theses room written about this problem and how freundin could get over it.

To protect against misunderstandings, ich want kommen sie say the I in not a principled opponent of political correctness, if it way that over there are jene that one should notfall do and should notfall propagate.

However, this space of what kann be said und what kann sein be done ist subject zu constant change. Ich think it zu sein right und proper the homosexuality has been decriminalized und that marital rape has actually been reduced kommen sie a crime from having actually been a husband's privilege. Ich think it zu sein right und proper the child marriages should be banned, regardless des the social background des the households involved. I bei der in favor of judging the offense des "child molestation" much more severely, bei order kommen sie be able zu follow such instances as that des the currently mentioned greta from Sweden, who was chosen von the climate coalition as die icon von their movement.

I think that is also correct that ich - if i call someone bei "anti-Semite" - must prove this accusation, which zu sein not straightforward given the level of education or German judges, zum whom the <6 million victims von the> Holocaust ist the measure des things and everything under the number zu sein considered mere governmental offense.

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And if who calls a politician the does not like a "Nazi slut", then the would oase to be proved and not rewarded von using the satire-card. Over there is still a substantial need zum legal education and learning here.

That's notfall done

But it is not nur laws that kann sein be taken differently, von course, über what ist called die "discretionary margin" which bei turn leads zu verdicts that no "normal" thinking person tun können comprehend. It's deshalb about something the our PC-wise unspoiled parents placed into the words "That's not done". Sie do notfall put her feet on ns table, you do not burp when eating, and you do not call ns twelve worst years in German history "bird shit."Hitler und the Nazis nur a piece des bird shit on the more than 1000 years des glorious German historyat a congress von the AfD junge Alternative>.

This ist a tomb sin - notfall only from die point von view of the nazi victims - the Jews, the Gypsies, the homosexuals, die resistance fighters, and the deserters;. The must so be a no-go zum any German who zu sein not a Jew, not a Gypsy, not gay and has no family members who to be persecuted über the Nazis.

Ladies and gentlemen, ich did not come here zu give freundin a sermon or tell sie what to do or not to do. I do not want zu block freundin nor do i want to zeigen you die way. Well, possibly a little.

I am here zum two reasons. First, I in all zum fair play. And dealing through your party zu sein anything yet fair. Wie your bremen colleague Magnitz was beaten trost - walk anyone know how far the search zum the perpetrators is now? - back all schutz condemned ns act, bei some des the distancing was so noted that those that sow die wind, must expect zu reap storm. Like women, who are blamed, and accused of some complicity wie man sexually molested since they wear auch short skirts.

This zu sein not possible; this is unworthy von a democracy that ist based on die idea an the broadest sense that "wrong" attitudes and opinions, that is, deviating from ns general consensus, are kommen sie be protected. Die limits of that which ist permitted, I schutz already pointed out, space established von the criminal Code. Die right to freedom von expression knows no "right" and no "wrong" opinions.

No mirror at home

This so applies kommen sie tastelessness of all kinds, such as the spanien deputy john Kahrs lowering himselfinto ns levelsof his outhouse a few weeks ago in the course of a parliament debate. You remember. He advised you zu look an the mirror deshalb you can see how ugly freundin are. "Hatred makes sie ugly!" he shouted kommen sie you with the innocence des a man who has actually no mirror at residence himself.

I was speechless und waited, in vain, for bei order contact from die Speaker des Parliament. Von a similar quality was ns contribution of in editor of theHamburger Morgenpost, that let his imagination run wild: "In a same world, one would oase to withdraw die right kommen sie vote from AfD supporters. Die same means as sie take away children's toys wie they law badly."

The question of how one recognizes AfD fans and how such a measure would be compatible with the rules von a cost-free election was neither asked nor answered.

This is bei isolated case, yet a characteristics one.

Yesterday, at some point after the Holocaust Remembrance Day, the grün radio MEP michael Cramer was interviewed on deutschlandfunk - top top climate change and pollutants in the air. Cramer said, amongst other things: "That you schutz different positions, that's part von it. Over there are world who deny ns Holocaust. There are people who deny the particulate matter und CO2 und nitrogen oxides are harmful zu health, that's part des it."

I am trying kommen sie imagine what would certainly happen in this country if one von you had actually said something like that. I would be amongst the zuerst to attack you.

Some deny the Holocaust, die others the climate, which is not just in idiotic analogy. As currently mentioned, one would oase to speak of climate adjust deniers, much more precisely: von people who doubt that there is a fabricated climate change. Jetzt I bei der waiting for climate denial to be punished as viel as ns denial von the Holocaust, and I watch forward zu the erste trial des a grüne People's Court chaired über Michael Cramer.

Ladies und gentlemen. Us live an a agreement democracy. That may not be bad, but I bei der convinced that it is not consensus however dissent that constitutes die essence des democracy, as we see it appropriate now an England, where ns Prime Minister zu sein being cornered von her own party, which would certainly be as unthinkable through us as a takeover von the bewaffnete kräfte by ns Salvation Army.

So heute I am here to - as anja Reschke would say - "set a signal" weil das fair dealings with ns political opponent, in the spirit des our Bundespresident. And, because as a responsible citizen von this republic, ich do not allow anyone zu prescribe where and when I in allowed kommen sie appear. Of course, ich know that die AfD is a no-go area that have to be dealt with on a large scale. More and more it becomes program to anfang disputed opinions with the words: "I am not a supporter of the AfD, however ..." however what?

The perspective to ns AfD ist a kind of political litmus test, together it was to my youth ns attitude to die GDR. Everyone failed kommen sie refer to ns GDR as ns "so-called GDR" was considered a communist. My first and only summons to die political polizei I gott before graduation. I had ordered some brochures somewhere in the GDR, which to be intercepted on the way.

When a few days ago ich told in old friend that i would be performing with freundin today, the made a confront as if ich had confessed to ihm that i made my living with drug trafficking. "You're just instrumentalized," that said. "Do not you know?"

Of kurse I know it. Und you understand what? ich do notfall care. Everyone exploits everyone today. The video does it zu Helene Fischer, Helene fischer to florian Silbereisen, florian Silbereisen zu his dorky fans who are adhering to him.

No shit storm is good, a shit storm zu sein better

And me, I'm instrumentalized every day. Together proof that there is again a Jewish life an Germany, Jewish communities, Jewish literary and musical days und more and more Jewish cafés und restaurants, one more instrumentalization does notfall matter.

You instrumentalize me, and I instrumentalize you. I try how far I kann sein go. If there is no shit storm, it zu sein good; if there ist one, it is even better.

And if you want zu know jetzt whether i intend to vote weil das you, all I kann say ist that it depends completely on you. I in a picker. At the tonnage general election, i gave my poll to the Animal defense Party. If sie want my vote, climate you schutz to convince me. I think it zu sein great that you affirm Israel's right to exist, although that ist a matte of course, we deshalb do not discuss the right von existence of Belgium. However that's not enough weil das me, ich expect more. Sie would oase to curb her enthusiasm zum Russia and Putin, your united state allergy, prevent ambiguities in German history, und give your members und voters clear wine that freundin are notfall a depot for contaminated German devotional items. It may cost sie a few voters, yet it must be precious it. Clarity before unity!

As with great wine, the same goes zum political parties. A drop des butyric acid spoils the hauptes of die whole bottle.

I have long considered how to end this brief speech. Dramatic or relaxed? with a an excellent punch heat or a wanne joke? maybe with ns classic: ich do notfall share your opinion, but ich will always work zum you kommen sie express them openly ... That's too worn out weil das me, und the source is unclear. It could be from Voltaire or Rosa Luxemburg.

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So i make it short and painless: give thanks to you for the invitation. I hope I oase not bored you. Und I wish you die strength und the courage zu question yourself.