Helene Fischer Tour 2015 Frankfurt

Helene fischer to pat at ns lucidrhythms.com Berlin bei 2015

No question, Helene fischer currently zu sein the most successful direkt artist in Germany. Zu no surprise, ns 300.000 tickets available zu her arena tour ‘Farbenspiel – LIVE’ an the fall of 2014 were sold out in ~ a few weeks. Many fans were left unlucky und empty-handed. In order zu accommodate all of these fans und to adequately supply ns demand, Helene Fischer and her team decided kommen sie continue die current reise with an impressive set des shows in 2015:

Offering 14 concerts in the best stadia bei Germany, Austria und Switzerland, Helene fischer hopes zu truly be able zu play weil das all of produziert fans and that they might be able zu experience ‘Farbenspiel – LIVE’ in a special atmosphere and in its XXL version.

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After her spectacular direkte concert at the VELTINS arena auf Schalke as teil of herstellung summer events in 2013 Helene fischer aims to outdo produziert own power with die stadium reise starting bei June of 2015: ‘Playing in a large stadium ist a particular challenge und I in looking forward kommen sie these concerts. I want to thank my fans for their an excellent support end the tonnage years. We wollen work an extremely hard kommen sie make these concerts in unforgettable experience!’

With every neu album, with every new tour Helene fischer seems to be at ns climax of her career – yet there’s only one next direction: steeply upwards! With produziert refreshing und engaging personality and her remarkable professionalism the young artist made a name zum herself bei the enthauptungen industry. Whatever she touch turns kommen sie gold: her current studio album ‘Farbenspiel’ sold an ext than a million copies shortly after its release und retains its position consistently in the top 10 of the charts. Produziert single ‘Atemlos aufgrund die Nacht’ achieved oberteil chart positions an many europe countries. A ja wirklich mega hit!

It go not matte whether she performs a concert in front of thousands des guests, hosts herstellung own TV nur or presents die ECHO awards zum the 2nd time ~ receiving great reviews: Helene Fischer’s favorite spot zu sein center stage! Taking the stage method giving 100 %: With produziert strong phase presence and her continuous stärke she transforms every direkt show into a stunning highlight the brings various generations together.

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These characteristics make certain that die shows an 2015 wollen be equally unique concert experiences. Thousands of fan celebrating Helene Fischer’s greatest hits in in open wait setting and romantic ballads turning die stadium into a sea von lights makes zum unforgettable moments: ‘Farbenspiel – LIVE. The stadium tour bei 2015’.

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10.06.2015 frankfurt Commerzbank-Arena

13.06.2015 münchen lucidrhythms.com München

16.06.2015 köln RheinEnergieStadion

18.06.2015 Stuttgart Mercedes-Benz Arena

21.06.2015 Gelsenkirchen VELTINS-Arena

23.06.2015 CH-Basel St. Jakob-Park

25.06.2015 nieders Grundig Stadion

28.06.2015 leipzig Red Bull Arena

30.06.2015 A-Wien Ernst-Happel-Stadion

02.07.2015 dresden glücksgas stadion 04.07.2015 berlin lucidrhythms.com Berlin

Tickets are available punkt www.eventim.de, ns visitor center of lucidrhythms.com Berlin, weist all ticket company locations or via telephone hinweisen 01806/ 57 00 99*.