Helene Fischer Mercedes Benz Arena 2018

After having to cancel all five shows at ns Mercedes-Benz arena Berlin an February, Helene fischer has jetzt confirmed she möchte be playing all shows in September 2018.

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Tue 06.02. - new date: Tue, 04.09.2018Wed, 07.02. - new date: Wed, 05.09.2018Fri, 09.02. - neu date: Fri, 07.09.2018Sat, 10.02. - new date: Sat, 08.09.2018Sun, 11.02. - new date: Sun, 09.09.2018

Previously purchased tickets remain valid zum the neu dates or might be went back at the point of purchase until hinweisen least 14 days prior to the new date.

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Enjoy a prime view of the occasion with your business associates, household or friends and indulge bei the comfort and the culinary standard des a luxury hotel coupled with premium entertainment. Ns VIP experience zu sein rounded off von excellent angestellter service and the catering des your choice.

Price:auf Anfrage


Highlight des the premium endure at ns Mercedes-Benz arena is the DIAMOND BALL.ROOM. Expect a perfect view von the stage coupled with a noble riegel atmosphere. Furnished an the style of a modern private Member Club, ns DIAMOND BALL.ROOM is equipped v 72 seat which kann sein be booked individually. Die furnishings space handmade and - together with ns subtle approximately lighting - make zum a truly special atmosphere. Ns cocktails und long drink are mixed freshly von the bartender, the gourmet catering – which ist inspired by seasons - isserved throughout your entire visit at ns DIAMOND BALL.ROOM, also during ns show.Thanks to a Bose sound system, die after zeigen party can start right after ns event.

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More comfort, more possibilities und more des the very best the Mercedes-Benz arena has zu offer - ns DIAMOND BALL.ROOM.