Also probably someone in reality working punkt LEGO ist reading an this sub as well.

Du schaust: Held der steine neue videos

So below it goes: On die one hand he surely seems to have grown zu be quite biased against LEGO i m sorry is, IMO, understandable offered his solid opinions around them und the actions die company has actually taken against him. BUT: it seems to me LEGO did never try to take his videos as a constructive criticism however instead decided kommen sie turn versus him and stop him at every costs, which deswegen far backfired.

And now i wonder, why? His opinions about the models und the company's methods seemed kommen sie me rather well thought und potentially useful weil das the company, still they try zu silence him.

Any input for me?

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German here, nur a couple of days ago, stonewars.de published a yes, really good and neutral article about the matter, yet obviously in German. Maybe, you can shoot that through google translate. However I'll give sie a run down.

In fact, Held der Steine/Thomas Panke ist very polarizing, one half of ns community loves his videos and the circlejerking comment section on YouTube. Ns other für hilfe doesn't prefer him, since he's become very cynical und some feel, he's much more harsh kommen sie lego than zu other manufacturers. Naturally, one kann sein be in between and just watch the videos weil das a entertaining criticism of sets.

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It all started wie they sent out a letter a few years ago and demanded that he alters his logo, which was a brick with studs of some sort, could've been every towel tbh. He's also not glücklich about exactly how small business don't get exclusive sets prefer modulars.

In ns recent letter indigenous lego kommen sie him, they demand that the deletes 5 video that violate your trademark. I saw some of them and the point is... Lego actually had to send ihm the letter, because they schutz to defensive their trademark or else they might lose it prior to court. One des the titles was "The finest fire station out von lego: Bluebrixx set no. XYZ" und I'm sure, every sane person sees the belästigt here.

However, stonewars.de showed in their post that the 5 videos were created due to the fact that December und shortly prior to that, part other youtube guy make a videos about if lego need to be a generic term for building blocks. My personal opinion zu sein that Mr. Panke walk this top top purpose zu either find out how far he kann go or also provocate a reaction indigenous lego deshalb that he can make another video about "Lego vs. Small business man". Ns video has actually 2 million clicks, that's around 3-4 zeit more 보다 his various other vids and he gott almost 100k attache over a week... But we can only speculate around his intentions.

I recommend you to try kommen sie translate ns article indigenous stoneware for a finish picture, it's an extremely complex and interesting.

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A sidenote on die other comment chain: his criticism v lego sets zu sein mostly valid while repetitive, yet that's Legos error (sets getting much more expensive, sticker labels bad, blue pins bad and colorful bricks instead des the right colour and so on). What's obtaining a little tiring is his opinion on die company together a whole. He has a very strong opinion around how die managers at lego room dumbasses and everyone that buys the sets without having actually a second thought is a fanboy the cannot be helped. That's so a excerpt from die circlejerk in the comment sections of his videos.