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CategoriesNooks und cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot von all evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and screenBirds and the bees NOOKS and CRANNIESWhy go Liechtenstein usage "God Save ns Queen" as its national anthem?Tom Chilton, Kismaros, Hungary Lots des countries do, or did. It"s a very old tune, that only became popular together "God Save ns Queen" after about 1745. Its origins are unknown, however various composers - including Purcell und Dowland - have been fingered as ns creator. "God Save ns Queen" has actually never to be officially adopted as ns UK national anthem (the nearest the has come has to be a 1934 army order, laying down rules top top interpretation and tempo). It"s a catchy, bombastic, easy-to-follow, unadventurous tune, through a flexible und innately "vocal" structure, und these factors oase made it consistently ideal zum anthemic purposes. GSTQ is the can be fried off-the-peg national anthem. Garrick Alder, london ns simple answer ist that Liechtenstein doesn""t use God Save ns Queen, the does but use ns same melody.The zuerst line of the text ist "Oben am jungen Rheinlehnet sich LiechtensteinAn Alpenhöh""n." which about translates as "On the upper reaches von the young Rhine Liechtenstein leans agains die Alpine heights". The text was changed bei 1963 indigenous "German Rhine" zu "young Rhine". The "German" was a reference to ns fact that Liechtenstein ist the tonnage of die 343 claims which when made up die Holy roman Empire, as it zu sein known in English, or "Holy roman Empire von the German Nation" as it is known bei German.Liechtenstein ist however not the only zustand to oase used this melody. Bismarck determined a das lied - "Heil dir im Siegerkranz" - to ns same melody which was used über The German realm until the ende of the first World War. Die text zu sein similar in tone zu God Save die Queen, praising the virtues von the Kaiser und wishing ihm immortality etc.The present German melody (composed von Haydn) was previously used by Austria (with various words). Despite never having actually the zustand of national anthem, the US also uses die melody of God Save the Queen an a patriotic song.It all goes go to nur that melodies are interchangeable die world over. Andy Shackleton, Sheffield england I oase heard the several nations use ns tune of "God Save die Queen" zum national anthems or other patriotic music, weil das example it is used in the USA weil das "My country "tis von Thee/Sweet festland of Liberty". Hugh, London, UK The geschlecht Pistols oase always been famous there. Wilhelm Barrett, London, UK it is also used together a royal anthem in Norway, und known as Kongesangen. The melody was also used bei France, Sweden and Russia as a national anthem at one time or another. WS, Canterbury, UK Switzerland also used ns same melody until about 40 years ago! ich have so heard that the melody was French in origin and originally used for a hymn an the respect of louis XIV. Martin Ricketts, Monaco Monaco add your answer

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