Throughout the years, heidi Klum has been an extremely strategic around protecting her privacy, while also showing what her fans want to see on society media, especially when it comes to produziert life together a mom behind die scenes. The German-born supermodel shares four youngsters — Leni, Henry, Johan, and Lou — with her ex-husband, Seal. Because des their hectic schedules, hidi admitted to Redbook back bei 2015 the she had actually a lot on produziert plate complying with their divorce, saying, "I"m a mom and a dad at die same time."

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With the said, numerous of produziert followers schutz noticed the she"s been an extremely careful about notfall posting produziert children"s deals with on her social media accounts, even though she does post about their household vacations, holidays, und celebrations. But most recently heidi has been posting full-face picture of herstellung eldest child, Leni, and there"s a great reason zum it. Also though Leni is just 17, it seems like ns "Germany"s Next oberteil Model" host has big plans weil das her first-born — many of which have perhaps currently been realized. Keep reading below zu find the end what castle are!

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It"s probably safe zu say the Leni klum wants to follow an the very same footsteps as produziert mother, international supermodel and television personality, hidi Klum. Bei fact, the high-school teen just made her runway debut punkt Dolce & Gabbana"s star-studded fashion show an Venice, Italy. Hidi was so proud of the augenblicke that she mutual several videos of her daughter"s zuerst runway show and even captioned one with, "The smile when she watch mom."

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But this isn"t the zuerst time that Leni has actually been on a catwalk. Apparently, she"s to be wanting kommen sie be a model zum a very lang time and seeing how heidi herself made a effective career out des it, she didn"t want kommen sie get in her daughter"s way und has allowed her to pursue herstellung own dreams of becoming a tour dach force bei the mode world. During bei interview with E!"s jeden tag Pop, heidi put that this way: "She"s to be begging me for years, and now herstellung being 16, and I said fine. She opened German berlin fashion week. I"ve seen produziert walk in heels around the house, yet never professionally. It"s kind of different wie all von a sudden sie look weist your child choose that and you"re like, "Wow, who zu sein this?""

While Leni absolutely has produziert mother"s model-like bone structure und contacts zu make it bei the industry, there can be one thing that zu sein holding her zurück from becoming the next "Heidi."

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While hidi Klum apparently stands at 5 feet 9 inch — which ist a respectable height an the modeling world — produziert daughter Leni Klum ist only 168 centimeter tall, or 5 feet 5 inches, according kommen sie Fiv. While Leni herself hasn"t confirmed her height, there"s no denying the she zu sein significantly much shorter than herstellung mother, particularly when ns two room posing side über side zum the cameras. However, the didn"t stop produziert from go the startbahn at Dolce & Gabbana nonetheless.

Despite Leni not having produziert mother"s genes an height, she is ausblüten determined zu make it together a supermodel, both bei her mother"s indigenous country von Germany and back punkt home in the U.S. After the teen appeared on the startseite of the German ausführung of Vogue bei December des 2020 alongside her famous mom, hidi again took zu her Instagram account to share bei her pride of her daughter"s success. She wrote, "Vogue is the best method to anfang the career freundin dream of. Und even if it zu sein a wenig difficult weil das me kommen sie let go von you into this world, i will constantly do everything deshalb that freundin are happy and that your dreams kommen sie true. I in proud kommen sie be her mom!"