Gina Guglielmi is the president von Intermark ride Group (IRG), in international ride sales agency representing Fabbri Group, Gosetto, Martin & Vleminckx, Moser Rides, Ride designers Switzerland und Wattman Trains. The company also brokers provided ride equipment worldwide.

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Accomplishments und affiliations…

•Member, International kombination of Amusement Parks und Associations

•Member, international Independent Showmen"s Association

•Member, new England association of Amusement Parks und Attractions

•Member, the end Amusement Business kombination

•Pennsylvania association of Parks und Attractions

•Member, Showmen"s League von America

Passion has driven Guglielmi

NASHVILLE, TN ­— Gina Guglielmi had actually her erste taste working in the amusement market at the age of 14 years. She spent two weeks babysitting the three-year-old daughter des freak show owners, ns Tiger Lady and Tattooed Man, at die Canfield (Ohio) fair located just under 10 miles from her hometown des Youngstown, Ohio. Being deshalb close to the fair, she und her friends would certainly get arbeit at ns fair zum summer spending money.

She invested two weeks walking around ns fairgrounds v the little girl. She watched as die amusement rides were collection up. She watched them bei operation, und she watched as they were being taken down. She observed food and games concessions operating.

She had no idea the this short-term job would in which method map out herstellung destiny. She said she has often thought around that. Since then, she has visited fairs and amusement parks every over the world, being just as comfortable with foreign venues as those an the U.S.

She wonders if that erste job led to her fascination des the business side von the industry.

Call the fate. Guglielmi calls the lucky.

She also has attributed herstellung upbringing in Youngstown as including to her comfort with international languages, customs und traditions. As an early stole town, Youngstown was a melting pot weil das foreign cultures.

"Most des my friends’ parental were zuerst generation Italian, German, Polish, Czech, Russian. English was the second language in the homes," she said.

Her mother was born in Bulgaria. Produziert father was born an the U.S.

In Guglielmi"s early on years, she didn"t stray far from Youngstown. In fact, ~ high school graduation, she went on to attend Youngstown state University earning a Bachelor von Arts degree.

But, by the late 1970s, Guglielmi was ready to leave. She relocated zu Nashville, Tennessee, in hopes von working bei the music and/or entertainment industry. What she found was a arbeit opening weist Billboard Publications for one des its profession magazines, Amusement Business.

"I gott the job und my life changed completely," Guglielmi said. "I was so fortunate to be educated about the industry von two of the best an the business, beam Pilszak, sales director, and Tom Powell, editor, und so numerous others with die magazine.

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"I learned die who, what, when, where and why of the park, carnival und entertainment industries and the operational, safety and staffing challenges these predominately family-owned businesses faced," she said. "It was excellent training ground weil das a future an ride sales."

In the late 1980s, Guglielmi left Amusement Business, and by 1989, she und her previous husband had started Ital International, a drive brokerage company und manufacturers" sales rep company. They operated with ride manufacturers together as wahrscheinlichkeit Rides, Sartori, MelPark and several other European suppliers.

"My tenure v Ital detailed me with a depth understanding des ride operations, maintenance, safety, engineering, spare parts und logistics," Guglielmi said. "It deshalb gave me ns opportunity to build relationships."

After her divorce und the separation from Ital International, Guglielmi produced Intermark ride Group. The was in 2005. It was a whole neu world, gift on produziert own und recreating an additional sales business.

“I spent an ext money than i made an travel, marketing, etc., those zuerst few years to build a name, build customer trust und develop a ride catalogue," she said.

One of her first big drive sales come from frank Briggs, modern Midway. It was a KMG Fireball out von Celebration City bei Missouri.

She keeps a photo des that journey near her desk to remember the trust von a colleague, Briggs, as well as produziert perseverance, kommen sie never give trost on a dream.

Now, in her 15th year of operation, Guglielmi claimed she, through IRG, has had ns privilege of working with many great organizations consisting of Wonderla Pvt out von India, Beta Carrera World, Brazil, SeaWorld Parks USA, Herschend family members Entertainment, Silver dollar City, fun Spot America, Adventureland long Island und Alabama Splash Adventure.

Industry relationships may have been one of herstellung most far-reaching rewards. She has actually seen so many bei the industry willing to share ideas and challenges to help your colleagues.

"I recognize being mentored über several people in the business helped me tremendously," she said. "I try to pay this forward with die young people an the sector now.

"I love what ich do," she said. "I’ve to be blessed with the opportunity kommen sie work in bei industry i love with civilization as cursed as ich am. I’ve been happy to oase people like Leslie Shaver, so a former Amusement Business household member, on my mannschaft while building ns company."

When asked if she ever thought around doing noþeles else, she admitted there was one thing, writing zum Michelin Travel magazines.

"That"s it," she said, v a laugh.

In light of the current, unprecedented challenges von a globalen pandemic, Guglielmi spoke to this issue. She realized, many likely, there will be a new normal wie it ist over.

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"But, we, as bei industry wollen get through this v passion, commitment, respect, kindness und courage," she said. "I believe in us. We will survive this. We wollen be strong and profitable again."

And she ist looking forward to die day where she will share a beer and stories v colleagues about surviving the 2020 pandemic crisis.