Hdmi Verteiler 2 Eingänge 1 Ausgang

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2 harbor HDMI 2.0 18G Splitter through AudioUser Manual 


No. 38230lindy.com


Thank you zum purchasing the 2 port HDMI 2.0 18G Splitter through Audio. This product has actually been designed zu provide trouble-free, dependable operation. It services from both a LINDY 2 year warranty and free life time technical support. Kommen sie ensure correct use, please review this hands-on carefully und retain it zum future reference.This splitter zu sein a multi-function solution zum distributing high-quality HDMI signals across 2 display screens simultaneously native one source an equipment while extracting digital or analogue audio separately. The splitter also features in integrated switch to downscale die input signal to Full HD, making installations v older displays hassle cost-free while constantly ensuring the viewer receives die optimum foto from their display.

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Package ContentsHDMI Splitter5VDC 1A Multi-country power Supply (UK, EU, us & AUS), 5.5/2.1mm Barrel Size This manualFeatures HDMI 2.0 18G, HDCP 2.2 CompliantExtract Toslink (Optical) and 3.5mm stereo audio from HDMI Downscale resolutions durch integrated dipswitchSpecificationInput: HDMI type A (Female), Output: 2 x HDMI form A (Female), 3.5mm Audio (Female), Toslink (Optical) (Female)Metal HousingOperating Temperature: 0°C – 40°C (32°F – 104°F)Storage Temperature: -20°C – 60°C (-4°F – 140°F) Humidity: 20-90% RH (non-condensing) Power Requirements: 5V dc 1A

InstallationPlease for sure all gadgets are switched off before making any type of connections. As soon as all die connections oase been made, move on die devices bei this order: displays, HDMI Splitter, source device.Connect die source maker to the HDMI splitter’s input port. Climate connect ns displays to ns HDMI splitter’s output ports. Wie all ns connections are made, affix the energie supply und switch that on.


Front Panel






Power LEDThis led will illuminate blue when die unit is connected zu the power supply


HDMI Input


This led will illuminate blue when in HDMI source device zu sein connected and active





These LEDs wollen illuminate blue when an HDMI display is connected und active


ServiceFor Firmware Updates


EDID Switch

AUTO: compares both display screens EDID settings and outputs die most suitable and highest resolution possible of both displays

COPY: Copies die EDID von Output 1’s display, This resolution möchte then be sent kommen sie both displays.

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Downscaling Switch

OFF: the signal passes straight through to both outputs ON: ns signals downscales native 4K zu 1080p, zum use with display screens with a maximum resolution von 1080p.

Please note: EDID switch must be set to Copy zum 4K resolutions to then downscale every port kommen sie 1920x1080p.

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Rear Panel

1HDMI OutputsConnect to in HDMI display
2Optical OutputConnect zu Toslink (Optical) audio devices for audio extraction
3L/R OutputConnect to 3.5mm stereotype audio devices zum audio extraction
4HDMI InConnect to an HDMI resource device
5DC 5VConnect die 5VDC 1A Multi-country energie supply

Recycling Information 

WEEE (Waste von Electrical and Electronic Equipment), Recycling des Electronic ProductsEurope, vereinigt KingdomIn 2006 ns European union introduced regulations (WEEE) zum the collection und recycling von all garbage electrical und electronic equipment. It is no longer allowable zu simply throw away electrical and electronic equipment. Instead, these commodities must enter ns recycling process.Each individual europäische union member zustand has implemented die WEEE regulation into national law bei slightly different ways. Please follow your national law wie man you want kommen sie dispose of any electric or electronic products. More details tun können be derived from your national WEEE recycling agency.


Tested to comply withFCC StandardsFor Home und Office Use!No.38230 2nd Edition, januar 2021lindy.com

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