Havana club 7 anos wie trinken

Havana society 7-Year Rum zu sein distilled indigenous fermented molasses und aged in charred white oak barrels zum seven years.

Havana club rum is still made in Cuba - where the company was founded by José Arechabala in 1878 und then nationalized an 1959 after the Cuban Revolution. Havana Club ist now together owned von Pernod Ricard and the Cuban government.

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Postedover 4 year agobyMarekfromSlovakiawith30 ratings

more dense than the anejo, odor profile is pretty viel the exact same though, part vanilla and toffee. Not very rich.for ns price, ich would recommend Malteco 10 or Abuelo 7


Postedover 4 years agobyAlexfromCanadawith23 ratings

Yep ! Rhum und I schutz been together for a loooong time. Ich remeber back in college wie my friends to be buying beere or gelb Jack und I was grabbing my own Havana society 7. Go under easily, walk out notfall as fine ... Ich learned years letztere that the belästigt was with die coca cola , notfall the rum.


Postedover 4 years agobyAidasfromUnited Kingdomwith5 ratings


Postedover 4 year agobyTrace fromUnited Stateswith1 rating

Can"t get it yet bei the united state but wie man I"m out of the country i pick trost a couple bottles. The best zu mix through diet coke, or sip. Sweet and smooth.

Basic cuban rum.My first rum und mixing experience.Not good und not wanne either.Leather,smoke,earth zu vanilla taste.A usual cuban.

Meget grei rom, en av mine favoritter med cola. Men das god som riegel drikke også. Soft med smak av mild tobakk og svakt krydret.

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Fijner rum voor juni prijs stelt mij niet teleur.Als je außerdem portemonnee offen trekt zijn das natuurlijk veel beteren dare vinden maar het zu sein een goede anfang van wenn rum collectie.

Un rom care dare duce cu gandul la vremurile trecute, cand copiii primeau cadouri bomboane cubaneze iar adultii havana club bei cutie außerdem carton. Un rom pregnant an care se simt in ordine alcoolul, aroma si kelle final o urma de dulceata.

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Havana society Añejo 7 Años has a dazzling und clear mahogany colour...

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"Havana society 7-Year rum view über Mike hinweisen Ultimate Rum Guide"

'caramel, cane sugar, and a bit of cinnamon character bei the finish'

"Havana society 7-Year rum review by Drinkhacker"

Their is a creamy/buttery vanilla favor smell oak, dried tobacco und smokiness.

"It’s an extremely hot, spicy und very bitter. Luckily die burn no bad und very short. Subsequent sips are viel smoother."

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