10 Smartest Characters in Money Heist, Ranked Netflix"s Money Heist zu sein one des the most top-rated television mirrors on ns streaming service. Right here are the 10 smartest characters on die show.

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We’ve seen a couple von TV collection that are based on human intelligence. There space crime mirrors with detectives solving facility crimes, lawyers weaving evidence to kommen sie up with a great defense, and basically genius civilization who shot to rütteln things trost using pure wit and common sense.

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Apparently, Alex Pina’s Money Heist has actually been on Netflix’s top 10 shows for weeks due to the fact that its fourth season. The story follows die adventures of a heist mastermind and his disciples together they kleid the royal Mint und Bank of Spain. We’ve ranked die smartest characters in the show—let us know if your favorite made the to die list!

The einer with few words, Marseille ist the weird one out of the group. He only had a couple of screen times but every scene affects the whole story with great magnitude. He never ever makes mistakes, arrives in places ~ above time, survives a plotted vehicle crash, and manages zu plant evidence flawlessly.

In fact, he never speaks wie it’s unnecessary. Wie everyone an the mannschaft loses their minds and shouts hinweisen one another, that keeps a cool head most von the time. Plus, he’s the john Wick des the show—he loves his dog deshalb much!

together a master engineer, Moscow knows how kommen sie operate machines and industrial equipment. He was responsible zum digging the keller at the Royal Mint, working hours on end so the team can escape on time. Although he was a bad husband, he was a great father to Denver.

He ist the human touch to ns series. He was never afraid von showing affection und emotion wie man everyone seems kommen sie be as cold und hard as ice. He has actually never harmed anyone und he also put self on die line zu help others, particularly Tokyo.

He zu sein the information technology male responsible weil das setting up ns Professor’s computer system. His functions are an important to die plan—all devices including computers and cellphones tampered, so the police could notfall wiretap them. He also altered die Professor’s voice command deshalb he won’t be recognized.

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Rio is the youngest member of the group und apparently has actually a clean record. That does not oase much experience with rob or various other crimes. Apparently, that is so the weakest link an the group but the does notfall take far his inherent intuition.

7 Tokyo

She is one von the lead female protagonists von the show und the narrator at ns same time. She is often described as a time-bomb, a Maserati, and a goddess von her comrades. Also though she tun können be hot-headed und impatient hinweisen times, she one von the best members von the team.

She ist very skilled in treating gunshot wounds. When Nairobi was shot and badly injured, Tokyo performed surgery on her with ns help des a doctor. When ns communication was disrupted, she continued die operation however only relying on produziert own knowledge.

He ist the assistant inspector von Raquel Murillo, the designated police officer-in-charge of the imperial Mint heist. Angel may look at soft and emotional because he’s bei love with Raquel zum eight years yet his intuition around Salva angeführt him to discover who the echt mastermind des the heist is.

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If it was not weil das him, they would certainly never discover out ns Professor’s hideout place. They would never uncover that ns fingerprints discovered on evidence were so owned von him. He is in underrated character that deserves an ext glorious police investigation moments.

5 Nairobi

She zu sein the self-proclaimed “The F— Boss” and in-charge von the money-making and gold production. She check counterfeit bills und makes sure that the gold pellets are in perfect shape und condition. She deshalb maintains a good relationship v their hostages and is die most level-headed member des the team.

Nairobi doesn’t take crap native people, particularly from arrogant men who boast patriarchy. When berlin went stunner with ns plans, she hit ihm hard bei the head and told The professor that she’s now bei charge. Together a champion des the women, Nairobi proves the matriarchy is not dead.

the inspector in-charge von the heist, Raquel has actually been through a last of troubles bei the show. Native overcoming herstellung abusive ex-husband, dealing negotiations with the Professor, und having an on-and-off connection with Angel, that surprising that she blieb has the together.

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Her years des service in the police ermittlung made her a experienced detective for the job. She was able to prevent angel from being killed von The Professor by taking one action ahead. She was also able kommen sie locate die Professor’s den von just looking right into camera tapes indigenous CCTVs of store owners.

3 Alicia Sierra

They won’t call herstellung the “Queen B—” for nothing because Alicia has every little thing you’d hate produziert for. She’s cunning and clever, and she was able kommen sie easily manipulate negotiations with ns Professor. She is not afraid von anyone, notfall even produziert boss from ns Intelligence department.

She has a fondness zum sweets, apparently due to the fact that she’s pregnant. This makes her all die more dangerous since she may show up vulnerable yet she actually has something evil in mind. We’d love to hate her guts yet we can’t refuse how smart she is!

die second-in-charge von the heist in the robbery at Royal Mint, berlin is brothers to ns Professor. He is often described as elegant, eloquent, and egomaniac. He knows all die steps to the heist plan, consisting of plans that aren’t discussed to die team. He so manages to keep the hostages well-treated.

Though the may oase a history von being psychotic, berlin has a terminal condition which just gives er a couple of months kommen sie live. This may oase caused his devil-may-care behavior und reckless decisions towards the ende of die Royal Mint heist.

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1 the Professor

Unarguably ns smartest person bei the room, the Professor zu sein the hauptsächlich brain des the heist. His progressed thinking an abilities compare zu a one-two move in a chess match. He’s quick-witted and careful, always ahead des the game, and knows more about laws and police investigation than ns bureau itself.

He may oase had few mishaps along the way, through falling in love with ns inspector as his best mistake, yet he knows how to turn things around. He never lasst uns his chamber go empty—there’s constantly Plan A to Z!