Hat Man Nach Der 10 Klasse Gymnasium Mittlere Reife

German term or phrase:Gymnasium; Realschule
English translation:grammar school; considerable (British English)
Entered by: Rowan Morrell

Du schaust: Hat man nach der 10 klasse gymnasium mittlere reife

11:05 jan 29, 2003
German zu English translationsBus/Financial / Curriculum Vitae; German educational System
German ax or phrase: weiterführende schule vs. Realschule
In a CV I"m doing, it says die guy went zu a "Gymnasium" zum three years, followed von a "Realschule" for another four. I"m inclined kommen sie leave die German terms "as is", together there ist really no absolutely precise English equivalent zum them. But ich would like zu at least offer a briefe explanation as zu what they are zu facilitate ns prospective employer"s understanding. Weist the momente though, ich can"t seem kommen sie find any type of clearcut distinction, also though I have looked up die dictionaries and previous KudoZ questions. TIA weil das any help you can provide.
Rowan Morrell


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Grading commentMan, this stuff renders my head spin! But ich think i get that now. Mary"s answer defined it most clearly, deshalb she gets die points.I"m notfall sure where Sylvie originates from (she disagreed with the zuerst answerer), yet I oase always understood a grammar school kommen sie be a an additional school (though it appears it may be a major or intermediary school in the USA).The names of educational organizations are a consistent nightmare zu translate. Even an different English-speaking countries, they tun können cause confusion. Zum example, bei New zealand a "college" zu sein a second school where freundin go weil das five years before moving on kommen sie a tertiary institution, while bei the vereinigte staaten von amerika a tertiary institution is called a college! our "college" is the Americans" "high school"! But ich digress. A good example though of how the names des educational institutions kann sein mean fairly different dinge even in countries that more or much less speak the same language.Back to the question at hand: I"ve pretty viel settled top top "grammar school" zum "Gymnasium". Reading Mary"s explanation und looking up "grammar school" an the Oxford dictionary (we don"t really have grammar schools in NZ, deshalb I wasn"t completely sure what specifically it was), "grammar school" seems die best bet.I"m a bit much less sure around "Realschule". Bei der tempted to nur say plain "secondary school", however might go with "comprehensive" - again, after reading ns explanations top top here and consulting die trusty Oxford.I möchte be using the German term with die English in parentheses.Thank sie all when again zum your assistance - i think it"s time for a cup des tea und a lie under now!4 KudoZ points to be awarded for this price

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