Harry Potter Wizards Unite Apk

Augmented truth (or AR, zum short) has really end up being a thing with ns current gaming industry. Every since ns release of Pokemon Go, gamers and developers from all over ns world oase been inspired über the dinge that we can achieve with AR.

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Now harry Potter fans tun können finally gain living bei their dream world with die introductions des Harry potter Wizards Unite. Using ns advanced AR technologies, players tun können now communicate with ns fictional world des J.K Rowling.

Take ~ above your very own magical adventure an the Muggle World. Utilizing AR ~ above your smart devices to track events und things that are notfall visible to the human’s eyes.

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You to be a member des the Statute des Secrecy Task pressure which is in charge von taking care of the Muggle welt without letting magic users kommen sie cause disturbances to ns realm. Generally speaking, her job ist quite basic as there haven’t been any kind of disturbing occasions lately. However, after a damaging accident in the wonder World, things have gotten a wenig bit out des hand.

Countless des magical artifacts, creatures, und even magicians schutz found themselves gift transported to die human welt against their will. On top des that, it would certainly seem that die portal between the two human beings won’t it is in opened for a very lang time. This causes an excellent disturbances among die populace. Numerous creatures and wizards room starting kommen sie roam the realm des the mortal und causing an excellent havoc to die people.

Being ns ones who’re responsible for keeping die orders, you will do it need kommen sie embark a journey zu bring things zurück to normal. Catch all ns monsters that space causing an excellent disturbances among die people. Collect absent magical artifacts and return them to their places.

In additions, as freundin progress more into die game, you’ll be discovering more und more concealed secrets regarding die current chaotic situations.

Have fun bei the amazing welt of sich kümmern Potter Wizards Unites and join a vast community of Potter top from every over die world.


For the erste time in the history des gaming, you’re now able kommen sie experience her favorite geschichten with interesting gameplay an Harry potter Wizards Unite. The incredible AR technologies enable players kommen sie experience die life of a magician an Harry Potter. Under die power of your magic wand, everything is possible if you have enough faith. With your phones bei your hands, let’s dive into ns magical realm und enjoy gift a real-life wizard.


Having stated that, below are the amazing attributes that you’ll find interesting in Harry potter Wizards Unite:

Be a part von the impressive wizard world

Just as what they’ve done through Pokemon Go utilizing Augmented truth technologies. Bei Harry töpfer Wizards Unite, gamers tun können enjoy the same levels von realistic gaming as they tun können have direct interactions with the magical objects und people of harry Potter. Usage your phone as the tür to keep you engaged to this welt from a various realm.

Captivating stories and awesome adventures

As mentioned, die Muggle welt has felt in chaos after ~ a devastating accident leader to die transportation des the magical gift to the mortal realm. If they’re figuring the end a solution zum this matter, the your job to travel the different places on Earth und capture those that are resulting in havoc to the populace.

And as freundin progress an ext into ns game, players wollen slowly unveil die hidden secrets weil das these chaotic situations. Make certain you’re well-prepared zu face the upcoming challenges. Work with ns other members of the Statute des Secrecy Task force from every over die world in this amazing online community of harry Potter Wizards Unite.

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Follow the exciting geschichte as sie explore ns wizarding world und unfold die hidden secrets. Explore the magic world nur as you’ve constantly dreamed about.


Experience ns original stories in J.K. Rowling’s most successful franchise

Aside indigenous the hauptsächlich stories in Harry potter Wizards Unites, you’ll also have your chances to enjoy die original stories des the world-famous franchise bei different perspectives. Connecting with her favorite characters in the series and follow them right into their very own adventures.

Explore ns magical welt around you

It’s merely amazing just how AR tun können turn ours imaginations into real experiences. That being said, here an Harry töpfer Wizards Unite, players möchte find themselves bei the magical world the augenblicke they action out von their houses.

Within die map, you’ll be presented to ns traces von magic that are now scattering all over your town. Those that space nearest kommen sie you would be significant as Foundable, which method that you tun können travel to ns locations and start experiencing the magical world an real life. In additions, the detailed 3D world an Harry potter Wizards Unite enables you zu exposure to ns magical world from every directions.

Once you’ve reached the magical destination, freundin can anfang engaging with die game. Von traveling to ns places that are marked on die map, you’ll trigger details events on her smartphone. Wonder beings möchte be shown on her screen nur as they’ve appeared in the echt life.

If freundin are lucky, you kann find yourself part useful artifacts that can enhance your powers or granting sie with awesome abilities. However, in most cases, what waiting weil das you are usually monsters und mystical creatures that are notfall very friendly. Make sure you have the power to go against them.

In additions, every once an a while, you kann encounter specific events that kann trigger some exciting stories

Enjoy online gameplay v players from all over the world

The destructive event ist too much for you to deal through just by yourself. The being said, you’ll need die help of all the members von the Statute von Secrecy Task pressure from all over die world. Hence, with online multiplayer enabled, football player from various places on the planet kann sein unite an your fight against die threatening event.

Take advantages von your blume strength and defeat large monsters und dangerous enemies an intensive wonder fights. Von having different members in your team, you can make uses des their differed powers kommen sie deal an excellent damages to the opposing enemies.

Free to play

The game is blieb under ns Pre-register stage. However, sie can start playing now on your devices. Und most importantly, die game zu sein completely free kommen sie play deswegen you’ll be spending hrs enjoying this amazing video game without having kommen sie pay anything.

Visual und sound quality


Thanks to the amazing AR technologies and the beautiful 3D graphics, players kann sein experience die magical welt right top top their gadgets with ease. In facts, you kann sein even feel prefer you’re living bei the welt of harry Potter and his friends because des the role playing game gameplay.


While traveling outside, it’s best kommen sie put ~ above a headphone dafür that freundin won’t it is in bothered über the bordering sounds.

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Download sich kümmern Potter: Wizards Unite mod Latest 2.18.1 android APK

With remarkable gameplay und stunning graphics, football player will oase their chances zu explore die world of harry Potter nur like they’ve always wanted.