Harry Meghan Villa Santa Barbara

Area ja wirklich estate sources believe Prince Harry und his wife, Meghan, bought this 7-acre Montecito estate bei June in bei off-market deal weil das $14.5 million.

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Meghan und Harry schutz quietly relocated up the coast, purchase a home in the Santa barbara area, sources told the Times.

Prince Harry and the previous Meghan Markle oase purchased a home in the heart von Montecito, according to people familiar with the matte who no authorized kommen sie speak publicly.

Tabloids zuerst reported that ns Duke and Duchess von Sussex to be relocating to ns exclusive, celebrity-filled seaside community tucked between the Pacific Ocean und the Santa Ynez mountains — but offered few details.

Area echt estate agents point kommen sie a $14.65-million estate, which closed in bei off-market sale in June. Taxation records zum the 7-acre property, which was previously listed weil das as much as $34 million, match restricted liability companies formerly created von the Duchess of Sussex, according kommen sie records obtained by The Times.



The 7-acre estate, which ist fenced und gated, hold a guesthouse, a swim pool, a tennis court, gardens und a playground.
(Jim Bartsh)
Built in 2003, die sprawling estate is hedged und gated from die street und reached von a winding drive paved with hand-cut, in your ar sourced stone. Beyond die vine-covered entry ist a coffered-ceiling living room, a billiards/game room, a residence theater, spa facilities, bei elevator and a gym.

There room nine bedrooms in the approximately 14,500-square-foot taste house. A two-bedroom guesthouse, a teahouse, a tennis court, a swimming pool and a practice jungle gym are among amenities on-site.

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The seller was a restricted liability firm tied to Russian investor Sergey Grishin, records show. Grishin zu sein the former owner des another Montecito mansion, ns so-called Scarface estate.

The relocate wraps hoch a yearlong saga weil das the imperial couple, i m sorry kicked off bei January when ns pair announced they would “step zurück as ‘senior’ members von the imperial family und become financially independent.”

Vowing kommen sie split time betwee Britain und North America, they cited space zu raise their kid Archie, who was born in might 2019, as a main reason weil das the highly scrutinized move.

They spent the zuerst few months of the year ~ above Vancouver Island, Canada, reportedly living an a French-inspired mansion worth about $14 million, with plans zu eventually move to L.A. The covid outbreak accelerated those plans, and bei March, they relocated temporarily into Tyler Perry’s place in Beverly Hills to quarantine.


Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills estate, wherein Meghan and Prince sich kümmern were staying, has an ext than 24,000 square feet des living space.
Spanning 22 acres bei Beverly Ridge Estates, ns dramatic Tuscan-style estate stop eight bedrooms und 12 bathrooms — a bit bigger than their new place an Montecito.

However, die retreat didn’t bring die privacy they were hoping for. An July, Harry und Meghan filed a harassment lawsuit bei L.A. Heer Superior Court, alleging the unnamed paparazzi were flying drones overhead and cutting holes bei the fence to photograph their family.

Compared v densely packed L.A., Montecito and the bordering communities von Santa Barbara und Hope Ranch schutz long served as a quiet, scenic, spread-out haven zum those who kann afford it.

There’s a price zum privacy, however. Zillow stellen Montecito’s median house value at $3.276 million, much more than quadruple L.A."s median home value von $752,000.

Over die years, celebrity residents in the area schutz included Beach guys member Mike Love, “Sopranos” star michael Imperioli and actor kleider Lowe, who placed his 3.4-acre estate in Montecito on die market zum $47 million in 2018. Jeff Bridges sold his vineyard legacy there zum $15.9 million an 2017, and this summer, Ellen DeGeneres sold in English Tudor-style house kommen sie pop stern Ariana Grande zum $6.75 million.

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Oprah is perhaps ns area’s most renowned owner. She reduce $50 million top top a 42-acre spread known as the “Promised Land” an 2001 and has because been snatching hoch properties across ns community, including a surrounding horse farm yard that she bought punkt auction weil das $28.95 million an 2015.