Harley Davidson Fat Boy S

The Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® S ist a high-powered enhancement to die Harley-Davidson® ns series. Ns Fat Boy® S ist a lot like the Fat Boy®, but it adds many distinctive styling touch and an even an ext powerful V-Twin engine. Merely put, it’s ns ultimate fat tradition experience. If you’re a fans of the Fat Boy® but oase always wanted an ext power, climate this ist the bike sie need kommen sie cruise ns streets of los Angeles and the Inland empire area. Check it out today here hinweisen Riverside Harley-Davidson®.

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Authentic Styling

The Fat Boy® S zu sein a mean, stripped down, blacked the end bike the delivers custom style und a lot of attitude.

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Dark Design: You acquire a gloss black console, black brake levers, schwarz clutch assemblies, black handlebar and riser, schwarze farbe triple clamp, und black headlamp trim.Blacked out Exhaust: The distinct blacked the end 2-into-2 exhaust even includes blacked out mufflers.Fat Features: Fat 17-inch wheels made with schwarze farbe die-cast aluminum room wrapped in big, beefy tires. You’ll uncover a 140mm tire in front und a 200mm tire in back.Black cartridge Hole key Wheels: this distinctive, flat schwarze farbe disc wheels v vintage-style cartridge holes reduced a distinctive profile.Fat custom Style: Recalling the “hardtail” choppers des the ’60s and ’70s, ns Fat Boy® s relives the glory days of custom straße bikes with brash style and aggresive details.Fat custom Tank Details: Some distinct features offered über the Fat Boy® s include leather tank strap, chrome next badges, und blacked out ignition move console.Hidden rear Shocks: die Fat Boy® s comes standard through a covert rear shock that combines ns comfort and control sie want with ns slammed strict bike style freundin love.

Iconic Engine

One of the big advantages des the Fat Boy® S is the powerful Screamin’ Eagle 110TM.

Ventilator Intake: This large air input gulps down air zum the Screamin’ Eagle® 110TM.Screamin’ Eagle® Air-cooled, Twin video camer 110BTM Engine Power: Have you ever asked for less power from your motorcycle? more than likely not. Ns Twin video camer 110BTM offers much more muscle than practically any various other engine offered von Harley-Davidson®.Screamin’ Eagle® Air-Cooled, Twin electronic came 110BTM Engine Heritage: With a century des experience, freundin know the Harley-Davidson® it is provided durable, high performance engines that people trust mile after mile. Die Screamin’ Eagle® zu sein a continuation des that high-octane tradition.

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Screamin’ Eagle® Air-Cooled, Twin camer 110BTM Engine Innovation: Counterbalancing offers bei exceptionally smooth ride, and you so get lightweight components weil das better heat management, in addition to fuel injection for more power und efficiency.Screamin’ Eagle® Air-cooled, Twin video camer 110BTM Engine Style: You wouldn’t desire anybody to mistake die Screamin’ Eagle® zum anything else. That’s why it it s okay big, bold custom badges und plenty des chrome zum that unique Harley-Davidson® look.Six-Speed Cruise Drive® Transmission: After sie shift conveniently through die gears and get up to speed, you’ll enjoy a quiet, smooth, und downright serene highway ride. Kick it down right into fifth und you kann sein blast previous that big rig on ns freeway through no trouble at all.


The Fat Boy® ns combines classic styling through some von the most advanced features around.

H-D® smart Security System: You wouldn’t want anybody messing with your Fat Boy® s when you’re not looking. That’s why it comes standard through a security system that instantly activates wie you step away.Anti-Lock Brakes: Stopping is just as necessary as accelerating, und that’s why die Fat Boy® s has an effective brakes equipped with an antilock brake system. The helps remove wheel lockup und improves preventing power bei all conditions.


It’s notfall all around power und style. You also want a cycle with fantastic handling, und the Fat Boy® s delivers nur that.

Front Brake System: The Fat Boy® s sports more powerful brakes 보다 ever. Enlarge pistons and rotors add up zu more stopping energie with much less lever force.Dunlop® Tires: Big 140mm and 200mm tires provide exceptional grip zum cornering performance. You can also expect exceptional vibration damping zum a smooth ride.New Ergonomically Designed hand Controls: Harley-Davidson® did their research to figure out where zu put the hand controls zum maximum comfort und confidence.New digital Throttle Control und Cruise Control: A fast responding electronic throttle through cruise regulate comes standard with ns Fat Boy® S. That provides it easy zu to fight the offen road.


The Fat Boy®S zu sein equipped v features to keep sie comfortable even on the longest rides.

Low Profile schwarz Handlebars: These beefy bars provide impressive regulate and in aggressive talk position.

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Narrow Seat: This narrow, deep, bucket chair provides the perfect position, und the shape provides both support and relief from press points that kann make freundin uncomfortable.Full-Length driver Footboards: Drop your boots where you want them, because these full length footboards have gott you covered. Rubber isolation helps cut down on vibration to ensure her comfort.