Happy birthday to you stevie wonder

Stevie Wonder, take into consideration this a call kommen sie say we liebe you und wish you the very best des birthdays.

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You’re 71 today. On ns music scene, we need to declare might 13 a national holiday. And the ideal way kommen sie celebrate Stevie Wonder is with his very own music. Possibly he’s tired des hearing his music, yet we’re not.

And it appears there are a lot of music symbols who want kommen sie send their finest birthday wishes.

How around Tony Bennett, that tweeted “sending a very glücklich birthday zu my friend, ns one und only Stevie Wonderful! Whats’ your favorite song über Stevie Wonder?”

Sending a very happy birthday kommen sie my friend, die one and only Stevie Wonderful!What’s her favorite song von

Great question. Favorite Stevie Wonder song. Rolling Stone magazine once polled its reader on this very subject. That would certainly be Superstition. We figure, ns writings on ns wall, you’ll gain seven years of badewanne luck if sie don’t like this song.

This Stevie Wonder das lied was released bei October 1972. Und it was his very zuerst No. 1 lied of in incredible decade. The lied You Are the Sunshine des My Life deshalb is on die album, Talking Book. And like Superstition, it climbed to No. 1. These 2 songs led to 3 Stevie Wonder Grammys.

So song it, Stevie.

https://youtu.be/0CFuCYNx-1gVideo can’t be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript zu sein disabled: Stevie Wonder Superstition (https://youtu.be/0CFuCYNx-1g)

We deshalb must recognize it wasn’t his zuerst No. 1. He used zu be dubbed “Little” Stevie Wonder, who at 13, reached the top von the charts for Motown through Fingertips. Wonder lost his sight shortly after birth. However he was a music prodigy as he started recording at age 11. With Fingertips, he became the youngest person ever kommen sie record a No. 1 song.

Next Stevie Wonder date of birth Stop? Living zum the City

Next up for Stevie Wonder was die album Innervisions with ns incredible Living zum the City.

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Wonder won die Grammy zum best album. And a couple von decades later, the das lied was a backdrop for a pivotal scene in Jungle Fever. As the lied blares, Flipper, played über Wesley Snipes, zu sein looking zum his brother, Gator, portrayed by played von Samuel l Jackson, in a cracked house.

In in interview v Slate, director Spike Lee said von the Stevie Wonder song:

“I said to myself, ‘One day, ns gonna use that song in a movie.’ and a gewächs of times i keep sh*t in my mind, and I say kommen sie myself, there’s gonna be a time when ich make a movie und the das lied will disclose itself. So I said ich knew i had to use the for Jungle Fever. Now, I’ve used a gewächs of music bei movies, and I’ve favored a gewächs of songs for a lot of images. But the imagery von Flipper purify looking weil das his brothers Gator when he goes to ns local crack das while “Living weil das the City” theatre on ns soundtrack? that was the ultimate 1980s crack den. Ns Taj Mahal of crack dens!”

https://youtu.be/rc0XEw4m-3wVideo can’t be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: Stevie Wonder – Living zum the stadt (https://youtu.be/rc0XEw4m-3w)

Wonder hits High Note by Age 25 with Songs bei the Key des Life

The work of Stevie Wonder was deshalb fabulous that von 1976, he became the zuerst American singer zu have in album debut at No. 1 on ns Billboard warm 100. That was Songs in the Key von Life. There to be two lieder that fight No. 1 on both the pop charts und R&B. Those were Sir Duke und I Wish.

The album so featured Isn’t She Lovely. Wonder created that after die birth des his daughter, Aisha. Von course, ns album winner a Grammy.

So let’s keep die Stevie Wonder birthday party going with a horn intro and Sir Duke.

https://youtu.be/s6fPN5aQVDIVideo can not be loaded since JavaScript zu sein disabled: Stevie Wonder – Sir duke (https://youtu.be/s6fPN5aQVDI)

The Stevie Wonder music resume zu sein just incredible. He tape-recorded 10 No. 1 hits on ns pop charts und 20 that hit die top des the R&B lists. Und he’s sold more than 100 million records.

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No wonder the musical greats to be honoring one von the greatest von all time.

Here’s a twitter from jason Isbell, one des the an excellent country singer/songwriters: “Happy birthday to Stevie Wonder, probably die most talented man on Earth.”