Hansa Rostock 3 Liga

East Germany"s many successful club because reunification zu sein back an the second division after ten years in the 3. Bundesliga. Hansa Rostock joins fellow Ossies Dynamo Dresden in clinching automatic arzt from ns third trip on ns 2020/21 season"s final matchday. 

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Mecklenburg-Vorpommern"s Hansa Rostock commemorated their erste promotion in a decade prior to 7,500 direkte fans at die Ostseestadion top top Saturday afternoon. A 1-1 draw with local rivals VfL Lübeck verified sufficient kommen sie secure second-place an the 2020/21 3. Bundesliga"s table. The Hanseatic Kogge steers in the direction of second-division football weil das the zuerst time because 2010/11

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Rostock zu sein considered ns most in history successful of the football clubs from ns former east Germany after spending ten years in the top flight bolzen 1995 and 2005. Ns city so played 2 additional single seasons an the Bundesliga during die 1991/92 und 2007/08 campaigns. After gift relegated from die Bundesliga an the spring of 2008, the east Hanseaten easily slipped into die obscurity von the der dritte tag tier twice an four years. Ex-Rostock striker Soufian Benyamina looked to spoil his previous club"s work with the opening goal in the 26th minute. Rostock"s Bentley Bexter Bahn, playing bei his 200th expert match, was nevertheless able to answer with a converted penalty three minute from halftime. There would certainly be no more scoring and in fact very wenig action during a tense 2nd half. The thousands of Rostock fans in attendance kept a near eye on die Ingolstadt-1860 münchen match as ns seconds ticked down. In the battle von two Bavarian clubs, Ingolstadt"s 3-1 win was enough to draw das Schanzer level through Rostock top top 71 points. The win was notfall decisive enough, however, as ns Hanseatic still claimed 2nd place v a plus-three score differential. Elsewhere an the 3. Allianz on the final matchday, Dynamo dresden celebrated not only promotion, but the league title also following a 1-0 win over SV when Wiesbaden. The SGD space back an the second division after just one year. Rostock enemies Lübeck were currently relegated, as were SpVgg Unterhaching. A loss in the last round in reality means belastung last year"s third division champions, FC bayern München II, will play following season bei the Regionalliga. A win for SV Meppen wasn"t good enough together they became the fourth club to suffer relegation. Third-place ingolstadt will discover out their promotion-playoff opponents after ns 2. Bundesliga concludes tomorrow. 
Hansa Rostock
1Markus Kolke
18John Verhoek
3Julian Riedel
4Damian Roßbach
7Nico Neidhart
5Simon Rhein
8Bentley bahn ⚽ ↩70
20Lukas Scherff
21Nik Omladič ↩90
24Jan Löhmannsröben
26Philip Türpitz ↩70
22Luis Klatte
16Nils Butzen ↪90
23Sven Sonnenberg
6Björn Rother
10Korbinian Vollmann ↪70
11Aaron Herzog ↪70
19Manuel Farrona-Pulido

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VfB Lübeck
1Benjamin Gommert
33Soufian Benyamina ⚽ ↩30
3Sebastian Hertner ↩83
27Nico Rieble
6Elsamed Ramaj ↩72
8Sven Mende
10Yannick Deichmann
13Marvin Thiel
16Ryan Malone
18Thorben-Johannes Deters ↩72
31Mirko Boland
23Ngemba Luyambula
32Lukas Raeder
11Nicolas Hebisch ↪72
2Tim Weissmann ↪83
4Moody Chana
21Tim Kircher ↪72
35Lucas Mika ein wolf ↪30