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The biggest franchise kollege of German burgess chain hans im glück is breaking away to form a rival, creating neu competition in the rewarding high-end casual food sector.



Germany"s gourmet burger chain hans im glück is splitting into two parts.

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Following a spat betwee the two seniorin managers at ns company, one has actually left bei order zu set up a rival chain.

The division followed a dispute bolzen Hans im Glück"s chef executive thomas Hirschberger and one von his biggest franchise holders patrick Junge, whose restaurants had added up kommen sie 30 percent of total sales.

The spat may be the first shot an a long-distance duel end dominance bei the sizzling industry.

Mr. Hirschberger claims to eat burgers five zeit a week, sometimes in his own restaurants, sometimes in a competitor’s.Hans im glück has discovered a recipe zum success in Germany, through fresh burgers, evening cocktails and friendly atmosphere.

Five year after that launch, die company grew kommen sie achieve €90 million ($99 million) an sales, while U.S. Chains Burger King und McDonald’s both lost sector share. The chain"s conventional decor, special birch trees, has because become a famous trademark.

Right now, Mr. Junge ist applying die axe to ns birch trees hinweisen his 12 restaurants, and putting an real wood floors.

He zu sein spending €200,000 to remodel every restaurant, and plans to open under his very own brand, peter Pane, an competition with hans im Glück.

The look and feel des the products punkt his restaurants matt to Mr. Junge, who zu sein eager to break far from die uniformity of the initial chain.

Mr. Hirschberger complained the Mr. Junge was selling commodities like cake und yogurt and was deviating from die general marketing line.

“That gott on the nerves of the various other franchise holders other fierce,” Mr. Hirschberger said. “He no much longer fitted an with ns family. I bei der personally disappointed.”

Mr. Junge counters the he kept kommen sie agreements together a franchise member, yet said he no want to air dirty laundry in public.

Mr. Hirschberger ist determined in the close to future kommen sie more 보다 compensate zum splitting native Mr. Junge, who operated restaurants in some prestigious places like Friedrichstrasse in the heart von Berlin.

“We möchte step up growth also more,” he told lucidrhythms.com.

By the end of ns year, that hopes kommen sie add 50 locations, for a total des more 보다 80 branches. Mr. Hirschberger watch potential in Germany for up to 500 restaurants. “That might be the range zum us,” that said.

Mr. Hirschberger so has his sights on widening outside Germany. The plans to offen his erste restaurant in Austria, in the stadt of Kufstein. More restaurants are planned bei German-speaking and English-speaking countries bei cooperation with neighborhood partners.

He is convinced the hamburger will always be popular. Even bei his Sausalitos mexican food chain, burgers are die best-selling product.

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“The hamburger was never ever gone,” said Mr. Hirschberger, that claims zu eat burgers five zeit a week, sometimes bei his own restaurants, sometimes in a competitor’s.

Should his growth plans pan out, hans im glück would create itself among ns largest chain caterers in the food dienstleistungen industry in Germany. Follow to the industry magazine, Food Service, the clear industry leader ist McDonald’s with around €3 billion in sales, regardless of growth problems.

An industry fachmann said Mr. Hirschberger’s growth plans were “ambitious,” but noted that the hans im Glück in brand geraten is strong.

Chain breakaways like peter Pane, on ns other hand, are rarely successful because they lack die established brand.

Mr. Junge said he plans zu focus ~ above quality, including free-range poultry from lower Saxony and Angus beef from Germany.

In addition, that wants kommen sie offer a broader range kommen sie appeal more zu women: an ext salads, vegetarian burgers und vegan mayonnaise. Baked goods are zu come an the mid-term indigenous the junge family’s 170 bakery shops.

Mr. Junge expects to offen five zu six peter Pane restaurant a year, and perhaps two more annually v franchise partners. “That’s our pace,” that said. “Everything we do is geared zu the long term.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Hirschberger doesn’t glauben his ambitious expansion plans wollen damage quality at hans im Glück. Rate isn’t decisive in quality control, that said, but rather early care. “The promise des quality also applies to die next 1,000 shops,” the said.

Helping in this area room suppliers choose the hamburg meat experte Block House.

Mr. Hirschberger and Mr. Junge both agree on one thing. Their taste burger challenger isn’t McDonald’s.

“There’s a world von difference betwee us,” claimed the hans im glück founder. He claimed his chain supplies gourmet burgers und stands zum “slow food,” together opposed to fast food.

The world leader McDonald’s ist having growth problems now, Mr. Hirschberger noted, but has made its mark. “McDonald’s wollen be a industry participant weil das the next 100 years,” the said.

Another uniting factor zum the 2 rivals zu sein their determination zu stay at the helm as captains.

There have been repeated supplies from private equity firms, said Mr. Hirschberger, however he no want to sell in the foreseeable future. “It’s fun zum me,” that said.

Mr. Junge, who managed ns new anfang from his Lübeck headquarters, bei a brief time and with a gewächs of energy, is also having a an excellent time.

Both are experienced businessmen. Mr. Hirschberger zuerst made his Sausalitos Mexican restaurant chain into a German-wide success. Mr. Junge helped do his family bakery fit to compete with cheap chains.

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Perhaps their conflict boils down to a straightforward root cause: castle are just too alike.


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