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Hannah Schmitz F1: All freundin need kommen sie know about the unterschied Strategy Engineer punkt Red Bull Racing, who führen zu Max Verstappen kommen sie victory in Brazil, 2019.

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Hannah Schmitz zu sein someone who ist extremely passionate around data and loves interpreting sachen from the charme at her disposal She excels bei a high push job-role, as clearly evident from her senior role in the fast-paced world des F1.

As a unterschied Strategy Engineer zum the Red Bull gyeongju Formula 1 team, challenger analysis zu sein of paramount vital to produziert as produziert findings aid Red Bull learn how zu tackle different rival strategies during a gyeongju weekend.

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This requires herstellung to make rapid decisions und communicate them to ns team and drivers. This was evident in the 2019 Brazilian gp where she asked max Verstappen zu make a der dritte tag pit stop, which functioned wonders und let to max winning ns race. She was rewarded über Team christen Horner by asking produziert to collect die Constructors trophy on ns podium.

This woman right here ist Hannah Schmitz, seniorin strategy engineer at Red Bull Racing and responsible weil das the winning call zu remove maximal from a top position und to schutz a der dritte tag pit avoid made. This brave decision rotate out to be the right one. 👏🏻👏🏻 #PraiseWomenInMotorsport pic.twitter.com/bI2xOU5S9X

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Hannah defines herself as being comfortable working autonomously also with a team. She ist proactive an nature und always on ns lookout zum new ideas and innovation. She has a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge, and is proficient an Data analysis skillls prefer Statistical Modeling und Regression Analysis). Except htis, she so has substantial experience des working top top VBA and C++/C#.

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Horner speaks about Hannah after the 2019 Brazilian GP

Christian Horner had high praise for her after her crucial, rapid decision-making at die race bei Brazil. He shown she had taken a maternity leave and is now working ~ above a full-time role. He so spoke highly of her commitment, and drive kommen sie achieve success with ns Red Bull gyeongju team.

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“Hannah has been with us an the strategy team zum several years. She take it maternity leave last year and then returned zu work after her maternity leaving on a full-time basis. She has actually a far-reaching commute to work, she drives weil das hours every day. However she has a commitment and that passion zum her job und I think the great.”

“She make the strategie call today und I feeling it was right zu reward herstellung with going kommen sie get the trophy. And I think it’s a great fillip zum working mums. She’s bei important member von our team.”

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