Hannah baker and clay jensen

13 factors Why: Why Hannah Baker do A Tape weil das Clay 13 factors Why watch Hannah Baker call out those that contributed to herstellung suicide - but she also leaves a tape zum Clay. We malfunction why the was.

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13 factors Why Hannah Clay Tape
Netflix"s 13 reasons Why saw Hannah Baker posthumously face those who contributed to her eventual suicide, however she also left a tape weil das her friend, Clay Jensen - here"s why. Developed über Brian Yorkey - v Selena Gomez, previously eyed zum a film adaptation, jetzt acting as bei executive producer - 13 factors Why season 1 premiered an its entirety in early 2017. In spite of telling a mainly self-contained story, it was renewed weil das three succeeding seasons an the wake von season 1"s hopeful reviews and surging popularity.

Ultimately starring Katherine Langford together Hannah Baker, 13 reasons Why choose up in the aftermath von the character taking produziert own life. Bei the middle von his grief, Clay obtained a set des labeled cassette tapes. As he began to listen to them, he realized that they offered as in audio self-destruction note. Furthermore, it became clear that each band referred zu a details person und event - each deepening herstellung depression und pushing produziert ever closer to herstellung fateful decision. Portrayed through flashbacks, Hannah"s titular 13 factors included die majority of the show"s main characters und explored such serious topics together bullying, harassment, und sexual assault.

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The mere truth Clay received die tapes expected that that was so included on ns list. That fact was highlighted throughout the season - including another element von mystery zu proceedings. The answer was ultimately revealed throughout 13 factors Why season 1, episode 11, "Tape 6, next A". Hannah told die story von the time she und Clay went kommen sie a splitter linterparty together. There, they lastly gave an to your feelings und almost turned their friendship into something more. Unfortunately, Hannah broke down und ultimately yelled at Clay to leave. According to Hannah, she had actually secretly wanted Clay kommen sie stay und console her. In spite of that, she didn"t reprimand Clay for doing simply as she outwardly demanded. Hannah walk on to say that Clay didn"t in reality belong on ns list hinweisen all. However, he needed kommen sie be there together he was a teil of her story. Plus, she wanted him to hear herstellung side - which the may not have, had ns tapes merely gone through die others.

that would oase been specifically true had actually they made it to Bryce Walker. The band directly after ~ Clay"s own was made zum Bryce - who had raped Hannah weist a separate splitterpartei sometime later. Everyone on ns list before Clay functioned eagerly to bury ns tapes and everything comprehensive on them. To be Bryce zu have come into possession von them at that point, die intimidation and general initiative made zu that end would schutz likely been more successful. After all, Bryce and his family were especially wealthy und had access zu considerable resources. Though 13 reasons Why tried kommen sie humanize Bryce in season 3, he was originally depicted as in unrepentant monster. As such, he would"ve had little trouble do ruthlessly certain Hannah"s story went away or was otherwise discredited early. Von including Clay on the list, Hannah verified remarkable foresight even amid herstellung depression and ensured that the story would end bei the appropriate hands. Bei this case, it was Clay bypassing Bryce zu give the tapes to Mr. Porter and spurring Tony Padilla to give a digital copy to Hannah"s parents.

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Clay being on ns tapes also set nach oben a reflection of the painful and equally traumatic results a person"s suicide tun können have ~ above those left behind. Clay"s sense of guilt des what he had actually possibly done kommen sie Hannah weighed greatly on him bei the lead up kommen sie his tape. Though Hannah told him he"d done nothing wrong, Clay"s guilt just intensified more - to ns point that he virtually killed himself too. Those an extremely realistic feelings twisted his mind und manifested in several (often troubling) methods across die subsequent periods - until, unequal Hannah, he was seemingly able to put those demons zu rest an the 13 reasons Why series finale.