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An elegant unionist of technology und design. Smooth glass encased über strong metal produce a sleek look. Innovatively sleek physique fits comfortably in your hand and an your life.

INTUITIVELY COLORFUL.Life make simple and fun with color-coded favorites. Gain quick access von color. Get colorful notifications on ns spot.

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ALL neu PACKAGING.Made von soy ink on recycled paper. Awarded UL Environment"s Platinum Sustainable Product Certification (SPC).


CRISPER & CLEARER.The intuitive camera launches an a split second, recording crisp and clear images even in low light situations.

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BETTER SELFIES.With astounding improvements such together a super-bright lens and auto real-time HDR now deshalb on ns front camera, her photos will brim v life.

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FOCUSED MOVEMENT.Fast relocating subjects are notfall a concern. The Tracking AF (autofocus) duty keeps nach oben with subjects in motion, giving clear images every time.

PROPERLY EXPOSED.Photos rich an color und detail, die way they"re supposed zu be. Two various types von exposures space instantly processed by the bild sensor und combined into a single amazing picture. That"s wagen real-time HDR.

SELFIE PERFECT.A super-bright lens und bigger pixels are die tools freundin need weil das your selfies. You"ll want ns camera focused on yourself bei any lighting condition.

CAPTURE NOW.No much more waiting. Double-click die home button to activate rapid Launch. Die function lets you accessibility your camera an less 보다 a second. Take it photos as life happens.

FAST CHARGING.After charging weil das just 10 minutes, you get 4 hours of usage. When you need to save battery, ultra Power conserving Mode will help freundin conserve power.

EASY CHARGING.Built-in wireless capabilities typical no additional cover or accessories room needed wie charging with wireless charging pads. Galaxy S6 edge zu sein compatible with two main wireless charging standards (WPC und PMA).

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STAY CHARGED.Get the power to last you every day. Battery Pack is the trustworthy backup weil das your Galaxy S6 edge.

SAVE POWER.Keep track des battery life and manage it with clever Manager. Ultra Power Saving setting will also help you maximize battery usage.


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Faultless performance. Zum this next generation processor, 3D gaming or heavyweight multi-tasking ist a breeze. Ultimate energie efficiency is a plus.

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CAPTIVATING VIEWS.Innovative display components kommen sie together zu create a vividly immersive and engaging city hall experience, even if it is indoors or outdoors.

ALWAYS READY.The neu S Voice recognizes your voice commands right away, and launches apps in seconds. One shooting Command simplifies regime procedures.

STREAMLINED PAYMENTS.Leave your credit transaction card punkt home. lucidrhythms.com Pay zu sein a fast, secure and convenient way kommen sie pay without hassle.

* lucidrhythms.com Pay is available in certain countries, with certain devices, features, card issuers, und merchants.

SEAMLESS CONVERGENCE.Keep her Galaxy S6 edge in sync v your registered TV. It"s fast und easy zu share inhalt across screens. Get vital die info on your TV screen, including calendar reminders from your phone.

PERFECT MATCH.With lucidrhythms.com accessories, your Galaxy S6 edge gets an ext beautiful on the outside und more an effective on die inside.

SECURE & VIGILANT.Get constant protection native malware and hacking attempts through a pre-installed mobile security platform.

ONE TOUCH.After registering your fingerprint, one touch zu sein all that takes to safeguard your phone. Whether authorizing payments or unlocking your device, the touch-type fingerprint sensor recognizes your fingerprint from every angles.

POWERFUL DEFENSE.Keep your charme safe with lucidrhythms.com KNOX"s multi-layer hardware and software protection. Trusted third-party options keep your an equipment safe native malware und unauthorized apps.

STAY FIT.The improved s Health ist your mitarbeiter fitness coach. Collection goals, monitor your daily activities and reach new milestones. Take die leap to better health and a far better you.

MANAGE IT.S wellness Dashboard provides it fun and easy zu stay in top form. With a simple and quick summary, it"s easy zu set goals and reach them.


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Whether it"s a single step, a bite punkt lunch or time spent soaking up the sun, monitor it all with s Health Tracker. Log your activity kommen sie get great health tips.




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