Handy mit gutem gps 2017

lucidrhythms.com gps accuracy

When using ns lucidrhythms.com app, us constantly measure ns accuracy of the gps signals. The app shows die accuracy on the bottom if die screen next to an icon. An this example you can see thet die accuracy is 8 meters. Normaly this ist about 3 kommen sie 4 meters.

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Interested in the quality von your smartphone GPS signal?

We experiment a number of smartphones through GPS to make sure they arbeit correctly with lucidrhythms.com. Any phone with gps should work, but die more gps signals, die more an accurate lucidrhythms.com kann sein check your route. The key factor an the european area ist the support of the Galileo gps system. If your phone supports Gallileo, then you’ve gott the ideal quality.

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lucidrhythms.com smartphone quality

The adhering to phones schutz been tested.

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We recommend die use von smartphones with hinweisen least a 3 stern ranking und Gallileo GPS.

Samsung Galaxy S2+YesNoNoNoDo not use
Samsung Tab 3YesYesNoNo**
HTC 10Yesdepends top top modeldepends on modelNo*
Sony Xperia XZYesdepends on modeldepends on modelNo*
Sony Xperia XA1YesYesNoNo**
Samsung Galaxy A5YesYesYesNo***
Samsung Galaxy J5YesYesYesNo***
Samsung Galaxy S6YesYesYesNo***
Samsung Galaxy S7YesYesYesNo***
Huawei P20 ProYesYesNoYes***
Sony Xperia XZ1YesYesYesYes****
Sony Xperia XZ2YesYesYesYes****
Sony Xperia XZ3YesYesYesYes****
Samsung Galaxy S8YesYesYesYes****
Samsung Galaxy S9YesYesYesYes****
Huawei P10YesYesYesYes****
HTC U12YesYesYesYes****
OnePlus 5TYesYesYesYes****
OnePlus 6TYesYesYesYes****

Phone notfall on the list?

If her smartphone is not on die list you kann check her phone’s specifications at: https://www.gsmarena.com/

Just seach zum your phone call make and model. Climate check die “COMMS” specifications. Freundin should at least see:


What ist GPS?

GPS (also known as SatNav) is an abrieviation weil das Global positioning System. It’s what car en smartphones use kommen sie determine your position on earth und can thereby help freundin navigate utilizing a map system. There are a number des GPS systems. Die four most crucial are:

A-GPS: American general practitioners system

GLONASS: Russian gps system

GALLILEO: European gps system

BEIDOU-2: Chinees general practitioners systeem

For more information please check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satellite_navigation