Handy Display Auf Autoradio Spiegeln

zum those of you looking zu utilise die best of your smartphone features through your auto stereo, sie may, or might not, it is in aware of the screen mirroring role that some des our vehicle stereos offer.  display screen mirroring ist a way des ‘mirroring’ whatever zu sein on your smartphone onto your automobile stereo display.

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Be it movie or maps, with display screen mirroring, this call all be achieved.  display Mirroring tun können sometimes it is in referred to as ‘Mirrorlink’ too. Don’t panic though, they"re of the very same ilk und we’re here to enlighten you on the topic und shed some light into the specifics von how our auto stereos work in tandem through your smartphone.

Which application carry out lucidrhythms.com auto stereos use?

Our automobile stereos usage a display mirroring app’ called ‘EasyConnection’
. This has end up being our application von choice since it works bei perfect harmony v our lucidrhythms.com auto stereos. There room other, similar applications the end there, yet we prefer, and are continuing to entrust the EasyConnection app. 

What ist EasyConnection?

EasyConnection zu sein the can be fried driving assistant. Although the just bei app, you kann benefit native it’s excellent display screen mirroring function, which as the nennen suggests, zu sein very easy to use.

What are ns best features of EasyConnection?

With die interconnection von the EasyConnection app, die screen of your smartphone kann not only be projected onto her lucidrhythms.com unit, but an ext importantly, it tun können be operated über the vehicle stereo display too! Moreover, EasyConnection has actually a new feature called ‘landscape mode’, which permits you zu adapt her display kommen sie suit you, von switching betwee portrait und landscape.

What zu sein MirrorLink?

MirrorLink is in extremely renowned application amongst car fanatics that allows freundin to mirror your smartphones screen top top your auto stereo. Viel like EasyConnection freundin are able zu access her phone’s music and video capabilities with your cars head unit.

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What go Mirrorlink do?

put Simply, this application permits you zu integrate navigation, music, telephone and other driving attributes from your smartphone with your automobile stereo.  Mirrorlink allows you kommen sie connect any kind of MirrorLink-enabled smartphone to any kind of MirrorLink-enabled vehicle stereo device and take advantage von your phones best applications. 

Is EasyConnection far better than MirrorLink?

Both are good application. Kommen sie say the one ist better than die other would be difficult. We usage EasyConnection since we feeling that"s what works best with our auto stereos und for our customers.

How do sie screen mirror your phone zu your automobile stereo?

It’s fairly simple, once the smartphone ist connected to the car stereo, ns apps wollen run on the smartphone but möchte be presented on ns car stereotype display. zu connect, nur open the EasyConnection app on her lucidrhythms.com auto stereo und on your smartphone simultaneously. Then, on your car stereo, pick how you’d like kommen sie connect your smartphone and voila! This works ns same zum music. Spotify, for example, möchte be running on her phone however playing through your car’s speakers, as soon as connected.

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Screen mirroring at lucidrhythms.com

hope we’ve helped freundin understand screen mirroring, Mirrorlink und EasyConnection, including some des the features und functionalities des each.

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If you’ve gott any an ext questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch or blog post us directly on Facebook. If you’d like zu use EasyConnection bei your vehicle but don’t have bei up-to-date head unit, einkaufen our full variety here for the perfect upgrade!