Handy Bild Auf Tablet Streamen

Smartphones and tablets carry out a convenient and ideal way des accessing content for on-the-go use, yet there still remains something kommen sie be said for viewing top top a huge screen television.

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You might be the town hall something on her phone, and want to see it ~ above a larger screen or share v others in the room.


Thankfully, smartphones and tablets are constructed with multitasking ability such together listening to music, gaming, and streaming video. Most des them so pack the power of computers bei a portable device, and this includes the ability kommen sie connect it to another display screen or monitor, such together your TV.

Android und iOS an equipment users have bei arsenal von devices and wireless options to connect a phone call or tablet zu a TV. In this guide, we’re walking to show you just how to link up her phone or tablet zu your TV via USB.

Reasons zu Connect your Phone or Tablet kommen sie a TV

You kann sein easily see your call or tablet’s display screen on a TV über wireless way such as screen casting or using tools like google Chromecast und others, however a USB kommen sie TV connection is beneficial in various ways.

If you’re gaming and want to spiegel your phone kommen sie a TV, a USB link reduces legen that you’d endure with a wireless configuration. It also comes an handy whereby there’s no WiFi or the wireless signal ist weak, i beg your pardon means freundin need a wired connection to get associated to die internet.


Alternatively, you may want to display part photos for others bei the room zu see, stream videos in higher resolution, or watch content on a bigger screen. In this case, a USB kommen sie TV link from her phone wollen help sie view your files like pictures on her TV, so your call acts as a storage an equipment if her TV has a USB input.

If you’re utilizing a smart TV, it’s easy zu connect to internet apps together these are constructed into die device. For other TVs, you tun können use streaming devices or set oberteil boxes to get her favorite content up on die TV.

Connect your Phone or Tablet to Your TV via USB

There are different methods you kann use to connect her mobile device kommen sie a TV durch USB such as using a USB cable for android or Lightning cable zum iOS devices, cell phone High-Definition verknüpfung (MHL), or SlimPort.

Let’s look punkt how each of these methods arbeit to spiegel your call or tablet’s screen on your TV.

AndroidUsing a USB Cable

For android devices, a USB cable tun können help you connect your phone or tablet to your TV, detailed it has actually a USB port. If she connecting to a smart TV, go kommen sie Source>USB zu enable record transfers, instead of nur charging ns phone or tablet computer via the TV.

This method zu sein used wie man you want zu view documents or image on a compatible TV together it technically transfers her files for opening on her TV.

Connect With in Adapter Or Cable

This an approach works wie you desire to mirror your display screen onto your TV zu transmit die display on-screen. You kann use in HDMI adapter or cable kommen sie connect her phone to a TV and mirror the content on your screen.

A USB kommen sie HDMI adapter zu sein the easiest möglichkeit as freundin simply plug the adapter to your phone und plug die HDMI cable right into it zu connect kommen sie your TV und watch from your phone. Examine that her phone supports HDMI Alt Mode, which lasst uns it output video.


Some android devices schutz micro or mini HDMI ports zum direct connection kommen sie HDMI end a single cable, so it’s important to check whether your cable is compatible prior to connecting her devices.

Connect with a Converter

A converter allows freundin to spiegel your phone’s screen kommen sie your TV while charging that battery at ns same time. This technique involves plugging the converter into a USB-C port and HDMI port utilizing your charger and HDMI cable, und your screen möchte be actors onto your TV zum as long as sie want.

Connect making use of MHL

The mobile High-Definition link protocol permits compatible smartphones or tablets to connect kommen sie a TV. The general setup zum using MHL kommen sie connect your phone or tablet kommen sie a TV durch USB requires you to have in MHL-enabled und compatible call or tablet, HDMI and power cable, USB to HDMI MHL cable or adapter, and a display with HDMI input.

If her phone support MHL, attach it to the HDMI MHL adapter and attach in HDMI cable, and then connect zu your TV. Nothing worry about your phone or tablet battery to run out des juice, since this kind of adapter has a charging port deshalb your device can charge while sie watch.

Connect making use of SlimPort

MHL zu sein one von the ideal ways of connecting her phone or tablet to your TV via USB, but sie can so use a SlimPort cable, which works similar kommen sie MHL together it serves content from her device zu your TV display screen except that outputs are different.

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MHL and SlimPort are both plug-and-play, yet MHL ist limited zu HDMI videos output, conversely, SlimPort works durch HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort und DVI. This way you tun können use it weil das various displays, consisting of older TVs the don’t schutz digital inputs, but schutz VGA.

SlimPort and MHL deshalb differ in power supply; the former no draw energie from her device, while die latter does, which is why sie need zu connect a energie cable with die MHL method.

To usage SlimPort, you’ll require a compatible device, SlimPort adapter or cable (depending on her device), display screen with HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and DVI input, to add a videobilien cable.

Plug ns SlimPort adapter to your phone, und attach it zu your TV using ns right cable and you kann sein view your display screen on her TV.

Stream through a DLNA App

If using cables doesn’t work for you, usage a DLNA anwendung to affix your phone or tablet to your TV.

DLNA ist a streaming protocol supported by most internet-connected TVs with which you tun können stream media files kommen sie your TV from your phone or tablet, provided die files don’t have DRM features.

Some good DLNA apps you can use encompass LocalCasts, which zu sein free, or AllCast und stream her media files to a DLNA device.

Connect With samsung DeX

DeX connectivity works with samsung S8 or more recent flagship handsets, and the samsung Galaxy Tab S4. However, zum S8, klasse 8, S9 and S9+, you need a dock, stärke cable to charge die phone and dock, HDMI cable, and a TV with in HDMI input kommen sie use DeX connectivity.

Other samsung devices choose the klasse 9 und Galaxy Tab S4 or newer modell merely need a Type c to HDMI cable kommen sie enter DeX mode and DeX desktop mode respectively.

iOSUsing a Lightning Cable

This process zu sein similar kommen sie connecting your android phone or tablet kommen sie TV über USB, except you’ll require a Lightning cable, which differs v your iphone model.

Most civilization have in iPhone 5 or newer with a Lightning connector, but for HDMI outputs or VGA connections, freundin need a Lightning digital AV adapter or a Lightning kommen sie VGA adapter respectively.

For iPads, all modell use ns Lightning cable for iOS to TV connections, except ns iPad 3 and older use ns 30-pin cable, yet you’ll choose either a digital AV or VGA adapter depending upon your display’s input.

There are many third-party cables however most des them don’t arbeit if freundin want kommen sie watch video-streaming dienstleistungen like Netflix or Hulu, or on-demand videos like DirecTV or Comcast Xfinity. They lack HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital inhalt Protection), i m sorry protects versus pirates capturing die content.

Plug in the adapter und connect video output kommen sie your TV and your screen will mirror to the display. Remember to plug die USB ende of die cable into ns adapter und the other end to a stärke source, together it needs zu be charged kommen sie play.

Note: The Digital AV Adapter zum iOS tools comes an two models, serving different purposes. One connects her iPhone or iPad to a TV v HDMI output, while ns VGA adapter plugs right into VGA-compatible peripherals, deshalb be sure to pick ns right version.

Connect through a DLNA App

Like Android, you kann connect her iOS device to internet-enabled TV utilizing DLNA apps kommen sie stream media together as video or music. Weil das videos und music purchased indigenous iTunes Store, you won’t it is in able kommen sie use a DLNA apps to stream content with DRM restrictions.

The an excellent thing around using a DLNA app is that it’ll still find media top top other devices like your computer und set nach oben streaming zu your game console, TV, or an additional PC without having to convert a video or install distinct codecs zum it kommen sie work.

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Although die method des hooking trost your phone call or tablet zu your TV durch USB varies based on ns device, connection, and display input, the isn’t too hard once sie know those required and how to set that up.