Handball Saison 2016 17 Beginn

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France jump kommen sie top von men’s EHF Ranking List

France’s superior record in the past three seasons des European cup events saw lock jump 3 places kommen sie sit as ns number one nation bei the neu EHF Ranking List for men’s continental club competitions. Ns 2017/18 season was a specifically successful one for French clubs, with Montpellier HB, HBC Nantes und Paris Saint-Germain placing first, second und third in the VELUX EHF champions League, if Saint-Raphael Var Handball made the to die final of the EHF Cup.France top the list (146.67 points) with 15 points an ext than Germany (130.33), who dropped from zuerst place zu second after leading the ranking for several seasons running. Though Germany fell bei the ranking, they are much ahead of their nearest rivals – 40 points separate them from third-ranked Spain.The 2017/18 ranking witnessed Spain outside the top 2 nations for the zuerst time in history. Despite they returned kommen sie second position zum 2018/19, Spain have dropped to dritter (90.17 points) bei 2019/20. Pushed über France’s rise to ns top, Hungary fell from third to fourth, if Poland, Denmark und FYR Macedonia all preserved their positions, bei fifth to seventh.Belarus made one von the many notable jumps among die top-ranked countries, from 12th place an 2018/19 to ninth for 2019/20. Numerous other nations climbed one place, but ns clearest improvement was Greece, that went indigenous 29th in 2018/19 kommen sie 22nd an 2019/20, v 12.56 points.The most decisive drops to be Serbia, Czech Republic und Italy. Serbia dropped from 19th kommen sie 26th, Czech Republic from 21st zu 26th, und Italy indigenous 33rd zu 38th.Czech Republic are die last land with a place in the VELUX EHF champion League, which wollen be contested von only one team from each nation ranked betwee first und 26th in the ranking. In previous seasons, higher-ranked nations were allocated more places in the champion League.The higher-ranked nations are allocated more places bei the EHF Cup weil das 2019/20, with 4 each weil das France und Germany; 3 each zum the following five nations – Spain, Hungary, Poland, Denmark and FYR Macedonia; and two zum the nations ranked eighth zu 13th: Portugal, Belarus, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine. From 14th location (Sweden) down zu 41st (Malta), each nation is allotted one place in the EHF Cup.In the third-tier competition, the Challenge Cup, ns allocations arbeit backwards – with 3 places weil das nations ranked 28th (Luxembourg) zu 41st, two weil das countries ranked 14th zu 26th, and one for nations ranked 13th und higher. Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Latvia, Lichtenstein and Monaco share a total of four places in the an obstacle Cup.Thus, France und Germany benefit from one extr place – a total des five each – an European cup competitions zum 2019/20, while every various other nation ist allocated a total des four places.The EHF Ranking list is the hauptsächlich criteria zum distribution von places zu EHF member federations in the various competitions. Ns newest ranking list zu sein a summary von results in all three EHF club competitions of the seasons 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18.In addition, each federation has die right to ask for in upgrade from a lower-tier vain to the higher – either from die EHF Cup to ns VELUX EHF Champions organization or from die Challenge Cup to the EHF Cup.


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