Handball Champions League Final Four 2020

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The EHF FINAL4 males 2021 is die undisputed highlight des European society handball and one des the many prestigious sports events bei Europe. Fans from throughout the erde gather zu celebrate wie man Europe’s oberteil teams fight zum the coveted trophy of the EHF Champions organization Men.

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The EHF FINAL4 guys 2021 wollen took ar on 12/13 June 2021 at die impressive LANXESS arena in Cologne, Germany. 

Ticket holders from 2020 who registered zum the pre-sale 2021 und have evidenced their interest will be given preferential treatment weil das ticket revenue 2022.

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The team of Barça (ESP) ist the winner des the EHF FINAL4 guys 2021.

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Playing Times:

Saturday, 12 June 202115:15 CEST: paris Saint-Germain Handball - Aalborg Håndbold (33-35)18:00 CEST: Barça - HBC nantes (31-26)Sunday, 13 June 202115:15 CEST: HBC nantes - paris Saint-Germain Handball (28-31)18:00 CEST: Barça - Aalborg Håndbold (36-23)



If you schutz any inquiries about the EHF FINAL4 males 2021, please contact us über ehfFINAL4
ehfmarketing.com / +43 1 80 151 216 or subscribe to our newsletter.


ENJOY ns EHF FINAL4 guys 2021!

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