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The Kathryn hall Cabernet Sauvignon ist the pinnacle des our blending initiatives each year. Die exalted Sacrashe vineyard takes hauptquartier stage, und is the base of this blend. From there, we find out security vineyards, from die most regarded mountain appellations, to create balance, symmetry and finesse in the wine.

Deep, alluring aromas of schwarz currant and black plum room layered through expressive notes des dark chocolate, espresso und a perfume des lavender. Supple, concentrated und seamless, the palate displays vibrant fruit through undertones des tilled earth and sea salt.


Nestled in the northwestern hillsides von Napa Valley, the Diamond mountain District ist sparsely planted, with fewer than 550 acre under vine. This warm hillside appellation zu sein perfect weil das ripening Cabernet Sauvignon, die prevalent variety von the area.

Deep violet hue, this wine has inviting aromas of blackberry, stern anise, leather, and dusty cocoa. Ns palate opens up with a perfectly well balanced acidity that plays off of the numerous dark fruit flavors. Hints of exotic spice, earth, black pepper, und a mineral klasse accompany the fruit spices beautifully.

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This wine incorporates choice fruit native vineyards transparent Napa Valley, from ours organic estate vineyards to small rugged hillside sites des our kollege growers. Von blending these various lots, we develop a rich panorama on ns palate, a landscape des complexity and character that clearly depicts Napa Valley.

Deep ruby in the glass, anzeige effusive aromas von crème de cassis, dark plum, anise and dried herbs. Die palate zu sein lush and layered through fine-grained tannin supporting flavors of dark berry, cocoa, and a hint of freshly turn earth.

St. Helena

Modernism und history skillfully blended, offering you in experience unlike any type of other an Napa Valley.


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We blend traditional techniques, contemporary technology, and a appointment to environmental responsibility kommen sie produce superior wines that are bei expression von the terroir, native which they come.