Sweden"s mans Zemerlow has won die final von the 60th ausführung of ns Eurovision das lied Contest in Vienna, the sixth time ns country has actually won ns competition. Facing solid contenders, Germany came away with zero points.

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man Zelmerlow"s das lied "Heroes" had already proven popular with audiences bei advance von the Eurovision das lied Contest, being by far die most often-heard das lied among this year"s entries ~ above Spotify. The registered 15 million streams on the music service, through Italy"s entry a distant second place hinweisen 2.5 million.

die song"s ingredients are an appealing melody und singer as well as his cleverly designed animated sidekick, fashioned from innovative projected light effects.

ns results were determined in equal measure von national juries and call-in votes from ns 40-country broadcast region. Voting patterns were repeatedly regional, through countries frequently supporting your neighbors.

Russia took an early lead, climate Italy, prior to Sweden tipped the balance and settled into a comfortable lead much more than halfway into the announcement von the poll results, consigning Russia zu second place.

die success des Russia"s "A Million Voices" was a credit transaction to ns pure glamour radiated von singer und model Polina Gagarina. Die song"s message von peace had actually been described as a pessimistic entry in this year"s competition, comes from a country that has been perceived as destabilizing its neighbor, Ukraine.

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Polina Gagarina: A million voices, but just a couple of shy of victory

Gagarina yielded the das lied with emphasis und evident tension, together expectations zum the act had actually been high. Die very general message: "We space all human, us all share ns same joys and fears." die German television audience vested its highest possible number von points zu Russia.

Italy was awarded der dritte tag place. Doing complete justice to ns Italian brauchtums of singing, the lied "Grand Amore" was ns final action among the competition entries and featured 3 young operatic singers performing song material commensurate kommen sie their abilities. Tenors Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto and baritone Gianluca Ginobile schutz already released internationally successful albums.


Italy"s plot featured 3 booming voices

the 60th Eurovision final nur began through a notably classical touch, through a performance über the ORF radio Symphony Orchestra, a violinist and a children"s choir. Last year"s winner, Conchita Wurst, climate flew bei - precise - suspended indigenous a cable und soaring over die heads des the 14,000 attendees bei the Vienna Stadthalle.

end the course of the evening, Conchita, ns drag artist referred to as "Queen des Austria" an the existing ESC season, confirmed a poised co-host. She shared die limelight with ns evening"s three main hosts, Mirjam Weichselbraun, Arabella Kiesbauer and Alice Tumler, livening trost their wood dialogue bei a form of English calculated to be construed across the continent.


Conchita, queen of the show

A multi-genre intermission filler was provided by austrian multi-percussionist martin Grubinger, enhanced von a percussion und brass ensemble and a children"s choir.

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It was a year v many strong contenders und without clear favorites among ns public and journalists. The styles ranged native retro heart (Slovenia"s "Here zum You") kommen sie hardcore party sounds (Israel"s "Golden Boy") to Roaring twenty glam (Great Britain"s "Still bei Love with You") und a number of examples of the trademark Eurovision crescendo stärke ballad. Other das lied had an anti-war post or one des political reconciliation (Russia, Hungary, France), while Armenia"s recalled genocide.