Haibike sduro trekking 40 2018 test

Haibike’s sDuro Trekking 4.0 zu sein a city-oriented build von their hardtail hill bike frame. That well-specced und fun to ride, through a motor that rewards a bit des input from ns rider. Ns range is impressive, and the spec decent zum the money. Die tyres and fork are the low points.

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The build: wise gearing, good brakes

The sDuro frame is available bei standard or low-step configurations, yet both are basically a diamond framework with a heavily shaped oberteil tube. Die low-step version, that us have, ist just a little lower at the junction with die seat tube. The marketed together a women’s build – the range of sizes ist smaller – yet realistically it’s the most practical des the two weil das hopping on and off bei the city, und unless you’re yes, really tall it’s the pick des the two.


The build von both bikes zu sein the same. Die transmission is a 10-speed Shimano Deore derailleur setup, making use of a mountain bike behind mech und a blucidrhythms.com ratio 11-42T cassette weil das a stark range of gears. A 38T chainring means that the gear range zu sein very sensibly weighted in the direction of climbing; it’s unlikey you’d need a bigger equipment than 38/11 ~ above a bike favor this, und at die other ende you gain a climbing gear that’s low enough to haul sie up die very steepest ascents.


You transition using a RapidFire cause shifter, und stop yourself v Tektro hydraulic bowl brakes i beg your pardon proved to be very effective top top Bath’s steep hills. Trost front yes a SR Suntour NEX fork through 63mm des suspension travel und a lockout if freundin don’t want it. Mostly i didn’t: die suspension travel isn’t well damped und felt a bit juddery hitting potholes und sleeping policemen. Usually speaking front suspension top top bikes weist this kind of price and below zu sein a little bit disappointing; ns Haibike no too wanne really.

The ride: a sporty stadt hybrid

Position-wise die sDuro Trekking is at ns sportier end of city. That certainly not a sit-up-and-beg: weil das me the handlebars und saddle were around level. I’m rather long bei the leg, so if freundin were a bit shorter you’d it is in sat trost a little more, yet it would blieb feel rather purposeful. The wide hill bike riser handlebars provide a nice assured feeling to ns bike, und the Selle royal Viento saddle ist comfortable enough weil das longer rides. Ns 42mm Michelin Protek cross tyres to be a little bit disappointing: fine in a right line but very scrabbly under cornering, leading zu some noticeable understeer when taking corners at anything an ext than a setravel pace.

The sDuro’s heritage ist mountain biking however it feeling every bit like a city bike bei this build, albeit one that’s slightly sportier 보다 average. On ns flat it’s perfectly glücklich cruising along punkt around die 25km/h aid limit with the motiv adding the minimales of effort kommen sie keep you there. The full mudguards room a plus suggest (though, together usual, lock could gestanden being a little bit longer, especially die front one), and the rack zu sein very sturdy und bolted to the frame in two places along the seat stay, definition large lots shouldn’t be an issue.

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The motor: better zum those through a bit kommen sie give themselves

The sDuro Trekking 4.0 supplies Yamaha’s PW motor. It’s notfall the commonest website on city e-bikes, yet it’s a really solid system built by a large manufacturer. V a claimed 70Nm of power on tap it’s nominally in line v Bosch’s power Line und Shimano’s E8000 mtb motors. Bei reality it doesn’t feel the powerful: not necessarily since it isn’t yet because of the method it uses power.


If sie run a Bosch or Shimano motor an the top assistance mode then you kann sein expect more or less a complimentary ride, with very little rider intake required kommen sie get maximum output. Ns Yamaha motiv isn’t prefer that. Bei high help mode ns full power ist available, however even then sie need kommen sie be act a same bit of work yourself prior to the motiv will it is provided it. The practical upshot of this ist that wie man you’re climbing a hill, the power bar on ns left hand side von the LCD display is normally bolzen about 50% and 75% des maximum. All ns modes arbeit like that, und the lower you go the harder you have to work zum the assistance, of course.


It’s not right or wrong, just different. And overall it feels more like riding a non-powered bike: the energie curve is nice and natural. You möchte find yourself doing a bit much more work, though. Together such the motor ist a better fit for human being with a reasonable basic level of fitness native cycling, who are after an e-bike kommen sie flatten ns hills or do a an overwhelming commute miscellaneous they kann do über bike every day. It certainly suited me very well. The gain native the motiv working in this way zu sein range. Generally I’d expect a 400Wh battery on a mid motiv bike kommen sie survive 4 days von my commute, which is a 9km round pilgrimage with 150m von climbing, some des it reasonably steep. Die sDuro regulated five easily. Dafür the range ist definitely extended thanks to the fact the you’re taking nach oben some des the stress, overload yourself. There is a bit of a dive in the direction of zero once sie get past around 25% battery. 


The mid-mounted LCD ist nice and clear, und the bar-mounted remote ist easy enough to use, back it’s notfall as unique designed as ns Bosch one. Lights kann be incorporated into the system und the sDuro’s AXA Blueline lights were a plus point: yes sir plenty von light available from die 30 lux former light for easy progression along even ns darkest zurück lanes, with a wise cut-off beam form that directs die light onto the lucidrhythms.com where it’s needed.


Overall: a stadt bike for enthusiastic riders

If freundin want bei e-bike that you can just hop on and that will move freundin about the city with the very minimal of effort, this isn’t ns bike for you. It demands a bit von input from ns rider, and that makes it a fun bike zu ride, v a very natural feel. If freundin like her cycling but you’d choose your cycling to be a bit easier, it’s certainly one zu look at. Freundin get a good motor, masses von range, cautious gearing and good finishing kit.


FRAMEaluminium 6061, HD Interface, quick-release 5 ns 135mm, key brake post Mount
DRIVE UNITYamaha PW-System, 250W, 70Nm, 25km/h
BATTERYYamaha Lithium Ion, 400 Wh
CHARGERYamaha rapid charger 4A
FORKSR Suntour NEX E25-LO Lockout, steel spring, Travel: 63mm, stole steerer pipe 1 1/8", fast release
SHIFTING SYSTEMShimano Deore M6000, 10 speed
GEAR LEVERShimano Deore M6000, rapidfire
REAR SPROCKETShimano HG500, 11-42 teeth
CHAIN RINGFSA, 38, steel
BRAKE LEVERTektro T285, aluminium
FRONT BRAKETektro M285, 180mm, 2-Kolben Scheibenbremse
REAR BRAKETektro M285, 160mm, 2-Kolben Scheibenbremse
TYRESMichelin Protek Cross, 42-622, 28" x 1.6"
RIMSRodi schwarze farbe Rock 21, through eylets, hollow rim, aluminium
FRONT WHEEL HUBHaibike components TheHub +
REAR WHEEL HUBHaibike components TheHub +
SPOKESSapim Leader, black
HANDLEBARHaibike materials TheBar ++
GRIPSXLC lull bo3 through wrist rest
STEMHaibike components TheStem +, A-head, riegel bore: 31.8mm, 7˚
HEAD SETA-Head Tapered, ball bearing
SADDLESelle royal Viento
SEAT POSTHaibike Components the seat post ++, patent, 31.6mm, aluminium
PEDALSVP E461 mit Reflektor, aluminium
HEAD LIGHTAXA Blueline, 30 lux
DYNAMOvia system battery
CARRIERSystemgepäckträger, XLC Carrymore, max. 25kg
MUDGUARDSKS, chromoplastics
KICK STANDUrsus Mooi, adjustable

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Dave lebt at ns top of a huge hill und his office ist at die bottom, dafür he"s all in favour of a helping hand. Plus, e-bikes are fun! He"s the editor of lucidrhythms.com und one of the founders des EBT"s lucidrhythms.com cycling sister site, lucidrhythms.com.cc. The used kommen sie work on to ride bicycle Plus und What hill Bike back bei the day, und he"s a former mountain bike bog snorkelling world Champion. Really.