Hahnenkamm rennen 2019 im tv

The Hahnenkamm is, weil das many, the absolute highlight des the ski welt cup calendar. The best von the best flock to Kitzbuhel, caught up in the gyeongju fever, kommen sie participate an the most notorious downhill gyeongju on ns Streif. An insane run with much more twists than a hurricane, blind drops that möchte make her stomach hit your jaw und jumps that would make Eddie ns Eagle cower to an incredibly unforgiving gradient. It"s pond curling and blood biting stuff, the athletes space not just winners but heroes. Every gondola on ns Hahnenkammbahn features a winners name und four-time winner Didier Cuche once said "I congratulate all that are right here who made that down with me. I think we are all crazy!" 

I wholeheartedly agree with er given die gradient hinweisen it"s steepest ist 85% and skiers with 140kmh - that"s punchy on ns motorway permit alone in a skin-tight suit through a pair von razor-sharp skis strapped zu your feet. If you"re thinking it doesn"t look at that badewanne on TV then consider this; ns biggest jump sees you an the air for up to 80m, that"s the equivalent von falling from a 24 story building. Now that is insane. Luckily this ist not 80m from die ground but total length in the air. Und if you hate ns thought von a piste through patches of eis this kurse could give sie nightmares gift made from refined ice, one huge patch of the stuff. To be honest I"m starting zu think die participants are real-life superheroes.

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The Hahnenkamm starts on Monday 21st januar with ns crescendo of affairs gift over die following weekend 25-27th januar 2019. The atmosphere ist electric with die bars and clubs in full swing each evening. It"s the best weekend of the year zu visit Kitzbuhel (unless you like your skiing calm und quiet the is) with parties left right and centre as the celebrities flock into town.

Streif, One aufleuchten Of A journey - Kitzbühel Tourismus

Here are die ins und outs of the 2019 weekend through a few pointers along the way:

Friday 25th January

10:30 hrs - spiel at die finish area11:30 hrs - HAHNENKAMM SUPER-G at ns Streifalm18:00 hrs - attract Downhill at the finish area18:30 hrs - Prize providing ceremony zum the Super-G at the finish area

Saturday 26th January

10:30 hrs - enthauptungen at ns finish area11:30 hrs - HAHNENKAMM DOWNHILL on the Streif14:00 hrs - KitzCharityTrophy at die finish area18:00 hrs - Draw weil das the Slalom at the finish area18:30 hrs - Prize giving ceremony Abfahrt at ns finish areaFollowed von fireworks "Hahnenkamm-Rennen 2019"

Sunday 27th January

09:30 hrs - enthauptungen at the finish area SL10:30 hrs - HAHNENKAMM SLALOM - first run on ns Ganslern13:00 hrs - entertainment at the finish area SL13:30 hrs - HAHNENKAMM SLALOM - 2nd run on ns GanslernFollowed von the prize offering ceremony Slalom at the finish area SL



How do i get a ticket und what will they collection me back?

Tickets space available in unlimited supply weist all race access points on gyeongju days deswegen there"s not missing out on that front. You"ll require a ticket kommen sie enter any des the race viewing areas including ns event/finish area. This tickets can now just be to buy at ns gates on ns day. No current online sales are partners von the Kitzbuhel Ski Club and are not official. Despite you kann order VIP tickets.

If you"re happy enough to be born an 2002 or after sie get totally free admission - nur bring some form of identifier along kommen sie prove that or sie may it is in made kommen sie pay (well her parents will). 

Prices rely on i beg your pardon race you fancy watching:

Super-G - 20€Downhill - 30€Slalom - 25€

For groups des ten or more, group discounts are easily accessible (around 10% off each ticket).

Can I blieb ski in Kitzbühel?

You can ausblüten ski ns entire Kitzbühel area during die race week, only the Streif and Ganslern racecourses space closed to the public. Sie can ausblüten ski down the family Streif (with a valid admission ticket) to lakers some of the activity or watch ns preparations.

Where"s best kommen sie watch die races?

At die finish area, over there is an extensive occasion ground, a an excellent spot zu catch the final 35 seconds von the race as die skiers fliegen down from ns Hausbergkante. Over there are also seven video walls and scoreboards to keep freundin up kommen sie date through race developments and entertainment.

You can deshalb watch from die starting line and the "Mausefalle" at ns top von the Hahnenkammbahn cable auto if freundin fancy watching the racers fling us down the steep opened stretches.

Or if you"ve carried your skis without you can make your method down beside ns Streif to numerous approaches to seen different sections von the race. You will ausblüten need kommen sie have in admission ticket to the race as well as your elevator pass.

What else zu sein going on?

If freundin don"t fancy shelling out for a gyeongju ticket climate there"s constantly the fans zone bei town. It promises to be a splitterpartei atmosphere through a specifically Tyrolean theme. Every manner des sausages möchte be sizzling your aromas making you salivate every day long und we"ve to be promised die prices wollen be reasonable. There"s five video walls und stacks of spiel planned indigenous local radio stations including direkt acts and DJs. There"s deshalb cashless area if freundin can’t gestanden cash points und love tapping away.

Looking for a party to end all parties?

Friday night sees ns famous Kitz"n Glamour splitter linterparty rear that is head at die Club take it Five. This ist glamour hinweisen its ideal with international stars and a red carpet show. And Saturday is home to ns Playboy Afterrace party at die Kitz Galleria und you can follow die crowds to ns after after parties letztere on.

You"ll need tickets to both so get scouring the interweb if you"re interested.

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Happy Hahnenkamming

So there you have it, ich hope you"re slightly more informed 보다 before. Happy Hahnenkamm.

Here room a couple des facts on the race:

The first Hahnenkamm welt Cup occasion was an 1967 though the race dates zurück to 1931.The downhill course starts punkt 1,665m on die Hahnenkamm mountain und ends hinweisen 802m ~ above Rasmusleitn almost in the centre von town – a vertical drop of 860m.The kurse is 3,312m bei length.The steepest section zu sein 85% at ns top von Mausefalle (“mousetrap”).The longest jump is 80m – down ns Mausefalle.Maximum speeds von more than 140kmh room reached in the Zielschuss Compression.The prozess record von 1:51:58 mins ist held über Fritz Strobl from Austria (1997).Rare four-time winners des the race room Franz Klammer and Didier Cuche.The HKR has been cancelled three zeit due to lack of snow, in 1964, 1968 and 1993. The Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel set up a snowmaking system along the entire length des the course in the summer von 1993.More than 8,000m of barrier fences, 1,400m des slip fencing, 1,100m von high security nets, 3,000m von stopper fences (2m high) space installed for the race.More than 1,450 civilization are involved in the inszeniert of die race.The average number of spectators weil das the downhill gyeongju each year zu sein 45,000.The pistole prize money available kommen sie winners an 2019 ist 550,000 euros.

Take a look hinweisen Red Bull"s historical figures write-up if sie fancy learning much more about some des these psychological men.

Un-cut version des Hahnekamm Kitzbuhel Downhill 2013 - Graham Bell

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