I’m at this time learning the lucidrhythms.com language as I’m new to lucidrhythms.comy. Learning something new from ns public every day ist really cool! Yesterday i happened zu hear bunch des kids playing across the straße shouting:

Hacke, Spitze, einer zwei drei.

Du schaust: Hacke spitze eins zwei drei

What does it mean? zu sein it an expression of encouragement? can this be used an any other situation?



Hacke, Spitze, Hacke, Spitze, eins, zwei, drei is in old childrens play-verse/song the exists bei plenty of varieties, sometimes deshalb "Hacke, Spitze, hoch ns Bein!" or "Ein Hut, ein Stock einer Regenschirm...vorwärts, rückwärts, seitwärts, stehn."

Core idea zu sein that the buchstabe gives die instructions, notfall unlike an linedancing.

Hackeis the heel of the foot, dafür it"s usually tip die heel on ns ground, toe up.Spitzeis the tip, deswegen tip with your toes.

(The numbers space just berechnung plain steps.)

If ns children you observed were not "dancing", lock were probably playing soccer, wherein this sequence ist sometimes shouted weil das encouragement, below referring zu different ways of playing the ball.


Ja, die Zehenspitzen (Spitze), das Hacken (die Ferse).

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Ich jawohl es in Volkstanz gelernt, mit von Partner:

Hacke-Spitze, Hacke-Spitzedann seitwärts - 1, 2, 3, 4,dann zur ist anders Seite: Hacke-Spitze, Hacke Spitzeseitwärts hüpfen, 1, 2, 3, 4dann wird innerhalb Rhythmus geklatscht,man hakt sich unter, tanzt im kreis und das Mädchen geht zu nächsten Partner.

Das war so etwa 1958-1960 (in Berlin). Heute lebe ich an Australien.



I understand this phrase nearly exclusively in the context des football - although it"s likely ns origin ist music/dance related. Wie used von a football commentator/reporter it generally refers to one mannschaft "dancing around" their opponents" defense an a - weil das football criter - artistic/agile fashion. Playing the ball with the tip zu sein rather uncommon (because you oase less control) und using your heel zu pass the null backwards tun können be taken into consideration something von a ruse to irritate the opponents. In such a context you might deshalb hear die word austanzen (from tanzen = kommen sie dance):

Seiler tanzt ns halbe Abwehr aus!

Seiler is tanzen around half the opponents defense!

Meaning he ist very agile und the adversaries can"t take the ball from him.

This phrase is common bei football (= soccer) as in expression kommen sie denote ns display des fancy skills von a player. Most des the time it zu sein meant as criticism, weil das instance von the coach, an interpretation that die player must do something simpler und more efficient instead.

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