David Hasselhoff’s song “Inferno” indigenous the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack jetzt has in official music video, which director james Gunn shared Sunday after a week des teasing it.

Du schaust: Guardians of the galaxy 2 david hasselhoff

Hasselhoffplayed a small role in Guardians von the Galaxy Vol. 2, through Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) revealing as a boy, he’d fantasized his dad wasHasselhoff. Later, Star-Lord’s real father ego (Kurt Russell) briefly take it on the form of the former Baywatch star, and during ns credits, the newHasselhoff das lied “Inferno” played.

The song zu sein performed von Sneepers (a fictional maßband invented von Gunn und composer Tyler Bates), v director david Yarovesky helming the music video.

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Earlier this week, Hasselhoff called Heat Vision that hoped zu collaborate with Gunn more an the future, und even had actually been asking the filmmaker zu reboot one des his alt TV shows.

“I’ve given some ideas to James zum Knight Rider, und he responded an a big way,” Hassellhoff said of his 1982-1986 NBC show about a crime fighter through a futuristic car. “If it does walk forward, ich don’t desire it kommen sie be spoofed favor Baywatch or 21 run Street. Those films lose what it’s about, und you schutz to respect the fans.”

The neu video bowed in support des the Guardians 2 home enthauptungen release, which will be available Tuesday on Digital HD und Aug. 22 in other formats.

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