Load her rifles, sharpen your sword, und gather her Dosh, since Killing Floor 2 is free on the Epic games Store. Accessible today, Tripwire Interactives fight co-op shooter will be free until July 16 weil das all users. Along with ns Escapists 2 und Lifeless Planet, players tun können snatch this bloody video game up von visiting ns digital storefront letztere this afternoon. Previously accessible on Steam, Xbox One, und PC, plenty of users room wondering if this monster-filled action game will support crossplay.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Killing Floor 2 und crossplay, together with what neu players need to expect.

Does killing Floor 2 have Crossplay?

Yes and no.

Killing Floor 2 will support crossplay ~ above PC bolzen the vapor client and the Epic games Store. Letztere today, heavy steam users wollen get bei update enabling them to play through users ~ above either of the digital storefronts. However, zum those wanting kommen sie play Killing Floor 2 through Xbox One or PS4 users, unfortunately, you’re out of luck. At ns time von writing this, Tripwire interactive has notfall introduced console crossplay. This is very viel a segmented game, through each platform boasting their very own playerbase.

Keep an mind, freundin cannot usage crossplay ~ above anything other than unmodded ranked servers. This are die typical servers most players use, so if you just want to experience the game generally than nothing will change. However, this go mean you cannot beat on tradition servers v your heavy steam or epic friends. Weil das those ~ above Steam, sie should see “Friends from various other platforms” below once freundin connect your steam account to ns EGS. Additionally, there zu sein no cross-platform progression betwee the EGS and Steam.

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If sie are on die fence around where kommen sie purchase Killing Floor 2, i strongly introduce joining die PC community. It typically averages between 3-4 thousand players day und the game commonly goes on sale, definition that number is only growing. We suspect to seen a large jump an the number this woche with much more people trying the end this co-op game.

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What ist Killing Floor 2?

For ns unfamiliar, Killing Floor 2 is a wave-based cooperative shooter that has actually players battling the out against hordes von mutants referred to as Zeds. These nightmarish clones (not zombies) come an a variety des terrifying forms, forcing you zu change hoch your strategie on the fly. After perfect every wave, you möchte be tasked v taking under a terrifying boss.

The record is between rounds you will need to spend her in-game money called Dosh on weapons, armor, and upgrades. There room a variety of different firearms, many des which are fairly potent at putting down these cannibalistic nightmares. Perfect games möchte earn you experience, i beg your pardon levels trost one des the nine available classes. Each von these archetypes specializes an specific weapons such as the Sharpshooter’s level action rifles and boasts distinct perks that wollen give you an edge during a battle.

This ist the gameplay loop von Killing Floor 2; fighting waves des enemies, earning experience, and crafting your own, mitarbeiter murder machine. Tripwire Interactive also released a new content drop tonnage month referred to as Perilous Plunder. Not only möchte this DLC include neu weapons like the Blunderbuss shotgun, but also a neu map, und a variety des cosmetic options.

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If you’re looking weil das a fun, low stakes co-op game kommen sie play with friends, then take into consideration picking up Killing Floor 2 while it’s free.