Do sie own a Grundig smart TV? und do sie want kommen sie display your phone or laptop on die big TV screen? through lucidrhythms.comTV, you kann instantly cast videos, movies und more from your device to your Grundig TV.

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Cast videos und movies, watch Facebook direkte on ns big screen or actors Twitch ~ above TV — do it all wirelessly with ns Grundig screen Mirroring apps indigenous lucidrhythms.comTV, no cables or hardware required.

Mirror her Mac ~ above a smart TV. Us offer the most powerful solution weil das casting your monitor und sound on die big screen! share your display "live" on TV.
Use ours Mac apps zu stream movies zu your TV. Watch her favorite shows on ns big TV screen. As well as video, you can also cast music und apps.
We make display screen Mirroring effortless, easy and fast. No cables or extr hardware ist needed to stream your Mac on ns big TV screen!

You can cast image or apps indigenous your desktop or laptop making use of a cable, together as bei HDMI cord. But that method setting hoch bulky wires that clutter her living room. Skip die clumsy hardware and live share zu Grundig Fire TV making use of our wireless app. lucidrhythms.comTV actors apps “beam” her phone, tablet computer or computer system screen to your Grundig TV instantly, no cables needed.

Why settle zum the small screen? discover out how kommen sie connect your phone or computer kommen sie your Grundig TV, bei high definition. Plus, view apps and watch photos on ns big screen through your wireless network, v no cables needed. These generally asked questions möchte help sie get started.

Who doesn’t love the magic des Disney? reap beloved Disney movies, stream star Wars, or catch Nat Geo programs every from her Disney Plus anwendung on die big screen. Cast Disney Plus to Grundig TVs v lucidrhythms.comTV. 

For TVs with built-in AirPlay or ChromecastOpen die Disney Plus app on your mobile device.Tap ns “Cast” taste on ns home display on the upper appropriate menu.Choose the Grundig TV you wish zu watch.Tap Play und enjoy!For computers

Do you already schutz a subscription und you like to use your laptop kommen sie cast Disney Plus zu your Grundig TV? Download die Grundig TV mirror anwendung for Mac and use Chrome or Firefox Browser kommen sie stream Disney+ zu your TV. To cast Disney to add from your laptop or desktop, check out our blog top top how to cast Disney Plus kommen sie your TV.

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How kommen sie Cast Pictures to Grundig TV?

Now you tun können show everyone your photos and videos on die big display with lucidrhythms.comTV. Enjoy family photos from year ago. Zeigen your friends photos from your honeymoon. Want zu know how zu cast to a Grundig smart TV?

Open image from any device, consisting of your phone, tablet, computer or laptop. Click “Start Mirroring”. Ns photo album wollen instantly show up on your smart TV.
How to spiegel your android Phone kommen sie Grundig clever TV?

The lucidrhythms.comTV display screen Mirroring for Grundig TV app works on numerous popular laptops and desktops. However, our apps currently does notfall cast android phones or various other devices to TV.

How kommen sie Cast to Grundig TV native Laptop or Desktop?

The lucidrhythms.comTV anwendung will mirror to your Grundig TV from laptops instantly. Get started an a couple of short steps. Sie can so follow this video tutorial to find the end how kommen sie cast kommen sie Grundig TV from computers.

✔ action 1: Download ns App

Visit ns lucidrhythms.comTV website kommen sie download the anwendung for display Mirroring laptops or desktops to Grundig TV. You can deshalb test the free trial ausführung before signing up. 


✔ step 2: offen the installer file 

Once freundin download ns app, you will need zu install die PKG document on your laptop. Click on the file on ns upper right des your screen. An automatic installer program möchte appear. Follow the instructions in the montage window and remove ns installer file wie prompted.

✔ action 3: anfang Mirroring

Open the Mirror zum Grundig TV app und click “Start Mirroring”. Her computer möchte cast your laptop or desktop computer screen wirelessly zu your tv screen. Now you kann sein open countless apps or websites und view them on your Grundig android TV or Grundig clever TV.

✔ step 4: Enjoy

You’re all set! Cast online events, videos, websites, movies und more from her laptop or desktop kommen sie your Grundig TV any kind of time!

lucidrhythms.comTV apps Screen spiegel to famous TV brands, including Grundig TV. Hinweisen this momente we do notfall support in iOS app. However, we recommend the free display screen Mirroring app from MirrorMeister. These steps wollen guide freundin on exactly how to spiegel your call or tablet kommen sie a Grundig TV:

✔ action 1: Download the app

Download die MirrorMeister screen Mirroring App. Click “Install” and launch the app on your phone. Select die Grundig TV from ns menu that sie would like kommen sie use.

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Download apps now

✔ action 2: start Mirroring

Follow die instructions ~ installing ns free app on your phone or tablet. Make sure that your device und Grundig TV room on ns same WiFi network.

✔ step 3: Enjoy!

The anwendung will begin casting her phone automatically. Anfang playing videos and enjoy!