It’s official been much more than two years since Dr. Derek Shepherd was tragically killed on Season 11 von Grey’s Anatomy and, frankly, we’re still not over it. Every Grey’s deaths space heartbreaking, von course, but Derek’s was especially tough to bear due to the fact that he was — und continues to be — one von the many beloved characters on ns long-running series. So, to pay tribute kommen sie McDreamy’s epic run on Grey’s, let’s take a pilgrimage down memory fahrbahn to revisit Derek’s unfortunate exit from the show.


Derek Shepherd

Meredith Grey lost produziert husband — played über Patrick Dempsey — bei Season 11. After stopping kommen sie help two children injured bei a vehicle crash, derek is hit von a semi and rushed to a surrounding hospital. Following an unsuccessful surgery to save him, McDreamy ist declared brain dead and Meredith removes ihm from life support several hours later.

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George O"Malley

At the end of Season 5, george — portrayed von T.R. Items — abruptly discover he"s joining die US Army. After ~ leaving ns hospital, O"Malley is hit by a bus and, due to the fact that he zu sein horribly disfigured, returns to ns hospital as a "John Doe" patient. Meredith letztere learns the john Doe is George and he zu sein rushed into surgery but is soon declared brain dead.


Denny Duquette

In die final episode des Season 2, patient Denny — played von Jeffrey Dean Morgan — proposes zu Izzie Stevens und she accepts. Hrs later, Denny dies of a stroke after ~ receiving a effective heart transplant leaving Izzie devastated.


Mark Sloan

In Season 9, mark — portrayed by Eric Dane — dies from injuries sustained an the pläne crash that also killed his love, Lexie Grey.

Lexie Grey

Meredith"s sister Lexie — played by Chyler Leigh — dies at the ende of Season 8 bei a tragic planen crash. Just moments before her death, she confessed produziert love weil das Mark, who deshalb later dies from his injuries sustained in the accident.

Ellis Grey

Meredith Grey"s mommy — played by Kate Burton — dies from cardiac arrest an Season 3 after suffering from Alzheimer"s disease weil das years.

Charles Percy

Charles — portrayed von Robert Baker — tragically dies after being shot von hospital shooter Gary Clark in Season 6.

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Reed Adamson

Reed — played von Nora Zehetner — zu sein the zuerst victim of hospital shooter Gary Clark in Season 6. She dies after experiencing a fatal gunshot wound to produziert forehead.

Adele Webber

In Season 7, Richard"s wife — portrayed by Loretta Devine — is diagnosed with Alzheimer"s disease. Adele danach dies in Season 9 on the night von Miranda Bailey"s wedding kommen sie Ben Warren after suffering a heart assault during surgery.

Henry Burton

Teddy Altman"s husband, Henry — played von Scott Foley — dies an Season 8 throughout a surgery zu remove a tumor that had grown close to his love causing interior bleeding in his lungs und trachea.

Harold O"Malley

In Season 3, george O"Malley"s dad — portrayed von George Dzundza — experience cancer surgery however soon suffers indigenous muti-system body organ failure. He is later gotten rid of from life support surrounded von his family.

Heather Brooks

In Season 10, operation intern pagan — played von Tina Majorino — is electrocuted throughout a superstorm the cuts die hospital"s power. She later dies during in unsuccessful surgery kommen sie repair herstellung injuries.

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Susan Grey

Lexie Grey"s mother and Meredith Grey"s stepmother — played über Mare Winningham — pass away in Season 3 throughout a regimen surgery kommen sie treat hiccups and acid reflux.