Composers: MickJagger & Keith RichardsRecording date: might &July1968Recording location:Olympic Sound Studios, London,England & Sunset Sound Studios, komm schon Angeles, USAProducers: JimmyMillerChief engineer: GlynJohnsPerformed onstage: 1968,1989, 2001* (performed von Mick & Keith), 2003


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Probable line-up:

Drums: CharlieWattsBass: rechnung WymanAcoustic guitar:Keith RichardsSlide electrical guitar:Keith RichardsLead vocals: MickJagger & Keith RichardsBackground vocals:Watts straße (L.A.) gospel choirPiano: NickyHopkins

Let"s drink zu thehard working peopleLet"s drink to thelowly of birthRaise her glass tothe good und the evilLet"s drink to thesalt des the earthSay a prayerfor ns common foot soldierSpare a believed forhis zurück breaking workSay a prayer forhis wife und his childrenWho burn the firesand who ausblüten till theearthWhen Isearch a faceless crowdA swirling fixed ofgreys und blacks and whitesThey don"t lookreal to bergwerk fact castle lookso strangeRaise yourglass to the hard working peopleLet"s drink to theuncounted headsLet"s think des thewavering millionsWho require leadingbut acquire gamblers insteadSpare athought zum the stay-at-home voterHis empty eye gazeat strange beauty, beauty showsAnd parades ofgrey-suited graftersA choice of canceror polioWhen i lookinto the faceless crowdA swirling massive ofgreys und blacks und whitesThey don"t lookreal to meOh don"t castle lookso strange?Let"s drinkto the hard functioning peopleLet"s think von thelowly des birthSpare a assumed forthe ragtaggy peopleLet"s drink to thesalt of the earthLet"s drinkto ns hard functioning peopleLet"s drink to thesalt des the earthLet"s drink to the2000 millionsLet"s think von thehumble von birthLet"s take adrink to die salt of the earthLet"s take adrink to ns salt des the earthLet"s take adrink to ns salt von the earthLet"s take it adrink to ns salt of the earthLet"s take it adrink to the salt des the earthLet"s take adrink to the salt des the earthLet"s take adrink to ns salt of the earthLet"s take adrink to ns salt von the earthTrackTalk(That was recordedin the) studio (not ~ above a cassette).Mick"s words, but ich think ich was there for a bit des them too. I"dforgottenabout that actually. Practically all Mick, the one.

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Salt of theEarth, ich think ich came trost with die title von that and had ns basicspur des it, however Mick go all the verses.

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My voicefirst appeared solo on ns firstverse of Salt von the Earth. (Notso: Keith"s voice zuerst appears solo on "Something Happened zu MeYesterday".)Wedid the chorus together, me and Mick.