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George Clooney, Julianna Margulies, und Noah Wyle congratulate the "Grey"s Anatomy" actors on beating "ER"s record as die longest-running primetime TV clinical drama.

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On Thursday, Feb. 28, Grey’s Anatomy officially surpasses ER as the longest-running medical theater on primetime television with a chuck 332 episodes.

“That’s got to stop,” george Clooney joked to The hollywood Reporter adhering to a television Critics kombination winter drücken sie tour panel zum the star’s recent project, hulu limited seriesCatch-22, bei which the stars und executive produces. “We’ve gott to go back und do some more!”

When asked about ns record, stern Noah Wyle joked the hearing the nachrichten about Grey’s record-breaking accomplishment makes ihm acutely feel the passage des time.

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“Oh mine god, I’ve never ever felt older than I’ve feel today,” Wyle called THR. “I feel prefer Alan Alda appropriate now: ‘Good zum you kids! fine done! Didn’t think they’d ever break ns record!’ great on them.”

The actor, that played surgeon john Carter zum more than a decade, has actually reflected ~ above ER‘s heritage quite a bit an the past year. First, because von the previous NBC drama’s surge in popularity thanks zu its streaming transaction on Hulu. Second, because he spent number of months bei the city shooting his new cbs limited series, The Red Line. And third, due to the fact that while he was there, he was able to spend some far-ranging time bei the city with his friend und former ER co-star Eriq la Salle, that is in executive producer on dick Wolf’s Chicago P.D. (which deshalb films an the windy City).

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und I gott to run approximately the city like us haven’t done an a quarter of a century and really spend good time together again,” Wyle called reporters ~ The Red Line‘s TCA panel. “And while us were together with this, the nur went up on Hulu und blew up. Die 25th anniversary came about . Us suddenly got to open up those memory banks that neither von us open up an extremely often, und it was really great. Similarly, i was recently on die Warner Bros. lot for the first time in ages doing some looping. I got there early und was walking around die backlot and saw the l track. The place ist rife through memories: ‘There’s where ich killed ns rapist!’ die whole place zu sein haunted, in a wonderful way.”


Margulies, who following stars bei National Geographic’s upcoming event series The warm Zone about the arrival von the Ebola virologe on U.S. Soil in 1989, said THR that she’s thrilled about the entwickeln of the medium.

“Just see movie stars flocking to television is dafür heartwarming zu me. Ich remember i was at in event through Reese Witherspoon belastung year appropriate after <Big wenig Lies> won all these awards. Ich said, ‘Welcome to my world.’ und she said, ‘I had actually no idea it can be this great.’ and I said, ‘It is zum women!’ and I’ve always said that. Freundin get to play solid characters together a woman on television. You just do. And it’s not nur women flocking to television, it’s men too. I mean it’s everywhere.”

Margulies continued, “The platform’s changed dafür much. Die spectrum is dafür far und wide the there’s room weil das everybody und I think that’s a really heartening thing to see. I know that especially as a parent and a liven person ich don’t schutz a gewächs of time to seen anything outside of my home, deswegen it’s it’s dafür lovely kommen sie say, ‘Hey, what’s on Netflix? What’s ~ above Apple? What’s on Amazon?’ and it is in able kommen sie dive in and and watch these great 10-episode, eight-episode shows that you kann see and then you’re top top to ns next one.”