Grand colombier tour de france

Set in the most southern part von the gesetz mountains an France, about in hour’s drive from Geneva, le Col du Grand Colombier dwarfs all of the surrounding landscape, rising steeply from die valley floor. It has a serious race history too, formerly featured an the Tour de France and the Critérium freundin Dauphiné.

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Possible climbs are from the eastern und western sides. Die west side durch Virieu-le-Petit is declared the harder way to ascend it, and we climbed it via die more classic and popular way from Culoz. If it ist good enough zum the Tour außerdem France, it’s good enough weil das us!

Our ride started in Saint-Martin-De-Bavel, a charmant hamlet to ns west. Meandering through the valley floor, surrounded über sunflowers und idyllic French buildings, us made our way to Culoz. The alt town itself ist quaint, but the surroundings are an extremely industrial. This gentle warm hoch was definitely appreciated.




You can anfang the climb in central Culoz, although the official climb starts at ns edge des the town, punkt a large village roundabout on the Route sie Grand Colombier. From below we made our way up through vineyards, overlooking ns valley floor und the river Rhone.


After 4 km or so, we hit one des the main party pieces of this climb, die Lacets du Grand Colombier. These space tight, enclosed switchbacks hinweisen over 14% gradient, which ich was expecting zu be far much more open. You’ll need to be careful von cars here, specifically on ns descent. It doesn’t feel choose two vehicles could pass every other, and the exact same goes weil das the rest von the climb too. This road is tight.


The steep 14% gradient over, the reward was open views to ns south, prior to heading rückseitig into the lush, dense and beautiful forest. Streaks von light pierced through the forest canopy, und we took pleasure in cooler temperature alongside in easing von the gradient.

Meeting die other climb möglichkeit from Anglefort, the forest ar continued for another 5 kilometer until ns landscape readjusted dramatically.

Above ns treeline, great chunks of granite kann be seen, and maybe even the summit too. V 3 kilometer to go and 170 ns of rise remaining, ns summit was close und the pace increased.

Revelling in the fantastic views to die west, ns final 3 km went far auch quickly. Prior to we knew it, us had appreciated a last ramp von over 10% zu get to die line on ns road marking the finish.

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So what’s at ns top? Well, it ist not die world’s prettiest finish, v a large car park and temporary café zum cyclists und hikers. There is a Nespresso machine (better 보다 instant) and of course a mandatory place to get a picture of your bicycle against die summit sign.

If time allows, I’d introduce going up und over ns other side to ride a loop back to Culoz. Additionally if freundin are after more climbing, descend zu Virieu-le-Petit und climb back up. You wollen be gifted with 20% ramps und will schutz enjoyed the iconic Col sie Grand Colombier native both ways.

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The stats:

Distance – 16.1 kmGradient – 7.2% rising kommen sie over 14%Metres climbed – 1,156 m

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