Gran Canaria Playa Del Ingles Party

Canarians liebe a an excellent time und they’re a funny bunch to splitter linterparty with. The easy kommen sie strike hoch a conversation v locals for their friendly and open demeanour. When the sun sets und you endeavor out for a night on ns town, sie never know where it wollen lead sie – in a good way! ns two partying hotbeds space located in the Las Palmas and in the south von the island.

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Both Gran Canaria und Tenerife offer die perfect combination von beach, entertainment and fun. Ns day is zum languid lounging von the sea, sipping ~ above a fabulously-prepared cocktail or maybe bei excursion to a far corner des the island. Splitter linterparty animals kann sein even anfang early top top one of the boat parties. Gran Canaria simply never sleeps. This colorful island zu sein a oberteil destination among Europeans, especially amongst young people. The capital, las Palmas, zu sein a vibrant student centre thanks kommen sie its university und attracts Erasmus students from throughout Europe, offering the city a bustling, energising feel.

Where zu go out in Las Palmas

Head to the historic, century-old neighbourhoods von Vegueta  and Triana to grab drinks v friends. Die infinite supply von bars to choose from makes riegel hopping deswegen much funny on a sultry night.

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Calle Mendizábal is a well-known destination und the location on Thursday nights. Meet nach oben with your friends und take part bei the Ruta juni los Pinchos (a tapas riegel hop) or kick zurück under the stars on one von the many terraces as sie savour neighborhood wines und beers.

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Gran Canaria

Occidental las Palmas

Excellent location in Las Palmas außerdem Gran CanariaNew opening in 2020Discover our Roof TopFree Wi-Fi throughout die hotel

Gran Canaria

Santa Catalina, a imperial Hideaway Hotel

Preferred many hotels & resorts L.V.X. CollectionAn oasis in the centre of the citySensational cuisine v a Canarian flavourSensory experience in our wellness Centre

Gran Canaria

Barceló Margaritas

Ideal hotel zum couplesFree lieferung to Playa del Inglés und Maspalomas Dunes2 outdoor swim pools surrounded über gardensOutdoor Margaritas Crossfit with angestellter trainer

Getting around

By car: that takes 30 minute to reach ns southern ende of the island from lesen Palmas von car, public transport or taxi. Die best way kommen sie get around weist night is by cab. There are so night buses, but they don’t run very often.