Whether beginner, encouraged Mate fan, gift seeker or Mate zu Go fan.Our friend tea sets offer something zum every matero. Ours Mate sets in the wooden boxen are handmade in collaboration with die company Blumenfisch, a known workshop zum people v disabilities in Berlin.

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In our Muy Mate sets you can choose betwee our two timeless stainless steel mate cups.

You have the choice between the calabash “Calida” (right) und the calabash “Suave” (left). Both girlfriend cups space handmade bei Argentina und are thermo-insulated. Dafür our calabashes store your yerba mate hot zum a long time.



Also a timeless bombilla can not be missed in our Muy mate sets. Deshalb here zu sein your taste an demand. Since our bombillas are as various as us are.

You tun können choose bolzen the bombillas “Resorte” (left) und “Rosca” (middle) and “Pico Loro” (right).

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In ours Muy Mate sets probably the most vital ingredient: ours organic yerba girlfriend tea from controlled agriculture in Brazil.

Our Yerba Mate includes only the best von the friend plant. Muy Mate contains only natural fresh unsmoked mate there is no powder und stems.



In our Mate set in the wooden boxen edition, a sweet sorpresa zu sein waiting zum you.Our Muy friend candies save only natural extracts from ours organic girlfriend tea. The little treats space handmade an Germany in collaboration through Betty’s BonBon Manufaktur.

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The giftig boxes des our wooden box und black boxen editions are handmade in the carpentry workshop des VIA Blumenfisch GmbH. Blumenfisch ist a certified factory zum people with disabilities in Berlin.

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