Especially when it needs zu be fast, the fryer zu sein a klein but good helper an every kitchen. V a deep-fryer you kann prepare countless delicacies an no time at all, without the great expense of doing so.

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Fryers room available in many different versions, dafür they tun können be supplied both in the privatgelände and in the advertising sector. Even if it is fries, nuggets, vegetables or fruit, the fryer tun können be used individually, dafür that it tun können create good meals.




Changeable odor and grease vapor filter Basket tun können be raised und lowered with the lid close up door zum a personen
NameDeep fryer DeLonghi Roto fryer, whiteFryer Moulinex Fryer Mega (2 kg von fried food)Deep fryer Tefal Oleoclean deep fryer zum Inox and design v filter systemDeep Fryer Tefal Deep Fryer One Filtra / 1.900 watt / InsulatedFryer Clatronic FR 3390 FryerPriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck pricecomparison resultNote on ns comparative grade

manufacturersDeLonghi f 38436Moulinex AM4800Tefal FR8040Tefal FF1631Clatronic FR 3390TypeCold region Rotocold zonecold zonecold zonecold zonePerformance1800W2100W2300W1900W1800Wcapacity1,2 kg of fried food2,0 kg des fried food1,2 kg von fried food1,2 kg von fried foodkAFilling amount of fat1,5l3,3l3,5l2,1l2ltemperatureThermostat adjustable über 150 ?? 190 ° CThermostat adjustable with indicator lightThermostat adjustable with indicator lightThermostat adjustable with indicator light, 150 ?? 190 ° CThermostat adjustable with indicator light, 130 ?? 190 ° CTimer?Facial CleansingWith oil drain hose, filter and collecting tankBasket, filter und lid removableCompletely dismountable, with filter systemLid, frying basket and filter space removablekADishwasher safe?JaJaJaJakAFeaturesThe tilted, rotating basket guarantee a crispy end up with 50% much less oil.The basket kann be elevated or lowered without the lid having kommen sie be opened.The incorporated filtering zum oil allows the cooled fat kommen sie run right into a collection container deshalb it kann sein be reused more frequently.The permanent filter is firmly integrated in the lid, for this reason ensuring repetitively delicious frying results.

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The klein Frittiereinsatz is ideal zum one person when the comes to side dishes, maybe zum two.Advantages Easy kommen sie clean with rotating basket with odor filter dishwasher safe Anti-odor filter very huge capacity through removable parts for easy cleaning With incorporated filter system very easy to clean, dishwasher safe with timer easy to handhaben Dishwasher safe components with adjustable display for different dishes Changeable odor and grease vapor filter Basket can be raised und lowered with die lid closed weil das a personSummaryIf sie like zu eat regularly, sie will love this DeLonghi fryer! Due zu its rotating basket, the frying process lasts a bit longer, but freundin only need geholfen the oil. über the way, act something good zum your health!Ideal weil das the entirety family! early to die generous frying basket, sufficient fries fit into ns fryer zum everyone. ~ feasting, the dishwasher take away over ns cleaning.Frying as at ns snack stand is an extremely easy with this Tefal fryer! your sophisticated entwurf with fat filtering ensures the you tun können easily use the fat numerous times.Here everything ist just right: With die well-thought-out functions and yet simple, ns Tefal fryer come along. Die good radikale equipment provides it the ideal fryer in between. So in the holiday home kitchen provides a great figure.

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Anyone who has never had experience v a house fryer und does notfall want kommen sie spend a lot of money hinweisen the augenblicke is fine advised kommen sie use ns Clatronic fryer. It provides beginners a an excellent foundation, but ist less suitable weil das regular use.To the amazon offer