Gossip Girl: 5 Worst things Dan Did kommen sie Serena (& 5 Worst Serena Did zu Him) Gossip girl is a show notorious weil das featuring unwise relationships between privileged characters, und Dan und Serena are perfect examples von this.

Dan Humphrey and Serena Van das Woodsen"s romance on Gossip Girl was one of those fantastic TV love stories, developed on two terrible human being doing terrible things to each other. Dan und Serena were incredibly sweet wie man they first get together, und fans were hoping weil das a romance zum the ages. What they gott was a tough lesson an why two civilization shouldn"t be together.

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Unfortunately, lock both turned right into awful world who said und did some downright horrible dinge to one another. Gossip Girl is known zum bringing out die "best" an people, und here space some des the worst things Dan und Serena did with each other over die years.

No surprised here, every fans saw this one comes from a brooklyn mile away. Dan was Serena"s stalker zum how countless years? make Serena"s und her friends" lebt a life hell. Dan even goes deshalb far to ~ pretend he"s not Gossip girl when he"s alone, reading the posts in a fake state von shock. The echt kicker right here though? Dan never took responsibility weil das the Gossip girl fallout. Whenever he post something to the website, Dan always made certain someone else was blamed. Keeping Gossip mädchen going was more necessary than Serena, ns woman he claimed kommen sie be the love of his life.

9 Serena Filmed Her und Dan sleeping Together

to get revenge on Blair and Dan being in a relationship, Serena decides to make a film of Dan und her hooking up. The geschlecht tape was dangled end fans" heads, waiting to explode in a fiery blaze von drama. When the geschlechter tape ist released zu a crowd von shocked teenagers punkt Cotillion, freundin would think Dan would schutz ended any form of a relationship weil das good.

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Instead, Dan spends the night v Serena, und the 2 decide to get rückseitig together. Was no one thinking about poor Blair during this entire process?

A hypocrite with a resources H. Dan made this huge deal about how Serena had slept with herstellung teacher, Ben, when she was at boarding school. It turns out Serena didn"t sleep with her teacher however only had actually a crush on him; lilie added in the resting together rumor zu "save" Serena"s reputation. When Serena introduces Dan to produziert Shakespeare teacher, Dan creates a to like on ns said teacher. Sure Blair spread false rumors around Dan and the teacher resting together, but in the end, they go sleep together und got caught zum it.

7 Serena turn Dan"s Sister into A Monster

all Dan"s sweet little sister, Jenny Humphrey, wanted was to schutz a small birthday splitterpartei with close friends. Serena decides kommen sie turn herstellung birthday into die perfect excuse to throw a party und prove to Blair she"s notfall having an affair v Nate Archibald, Blair"s highschool sweetheart. This party puts Jenny on a launchpad kommen sie high-popularity society an her high school, sending herstellung spiraling towards a life des lies, drugs, und dropping out des high school. And doing a whole last of horrible jene to various other people to become Queen J. Go Serena help Jenny wie man she"s down? No, she"s best there with everyone else, laughing weist her.

Georgina wasn"t even a frenemy von Serena"s; she was a full-blown enemy. ~ yet one more breakup between Dan und Serena, Dan was conned right into a partnership with Georgina, also sleeping v her. Dan had actually no idea who Georgina was at die time, but he eventually uncovered out und didn"t seem all that phased by it. Dan insurance claims they didn"t sleep together, yet might as well have? castle obviously did if Georgina was showing up, letztere on, pregnant through Dan"s baby, and he believed it was his.

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It"s one thing for your ex-boyfriend to sleep v someone freundin don"t choose but to hook hoch with your mortal enemy? There"s certainly nothing worse that could oase done.

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5 Serena Continually lets Dan Down

indigenous cheating kommen sie running away, there isn"t much Serena has actually done kommen sie Dan that would make even the most headstrong personen walk away. Exactly how much can one Lonely young put hoch with deswegen much an the benennen of true love? Granted, a last of these are done bei the benennen of scheming über other people, Serena is ausblüten responsible weil das a gewächs of herstellung horrible actions in the direction of Dan.

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The ideal part? ~ all that these two oase done zu each various other over ns years, they end up getting married to live happily ever before after.

us lied, there ist something worse Dan could have done, und he did it. Dan develops feelings for und has a relationship with none various other than Serena"s finest friend, Blair Waldorf. This storyline zu sein bizarre und downright pistol because the two detest each various other at the beginning of the series. Now they"ve suddenly emerged a fondness weil das each other over classic movies und their worry zum Serena? There was zero chemistry between these two, deswegen we"re not sure where die writers to be going v this, yet it was in awful thing for both des them to do kommen sie Serena.

3 Serena just Thinks about Herself

Serena"s character began as someone fans loved till season 3, wherein she began zu descend into in overly spoiled wealthy girl, who wanted all die attention for herself. Dan was thrown continuously out like trash wie Serena found yet an additional "true love" of her life. Also, anytime Serena got into trouble, she constantly found ns right sachen to do was running off and disappearing kommen sie some foreign country zum weeks ~ above end, leaving Dan worried around where she was.

Dan, ns anguished author, finally got the book deal he"s been wait his entire pubescent life for. But punkt what cost? die book was about his Upper ost Side friends, die names carelessly changed kommen sie ones the sounded similar to their real-life counterparts. With one book, he managed to alienate his entire group of friends and family. Here"s ns topper though, ns book"s main character was named sabrina (real creative, right?) und modeled after ns supposed liebe of Dan"s life. The book"s release brought about Serena kommen sie lose produziert Hollywood job and took a far-ranging damper on herstellung professional life. Dan didn"t even seem to have a sliver des remorse, truly the mannerisms von a psychopath.

1 Serena Never interpreted Dan"s Perspective

Serena comes throughout as a sweet, caring young dame born into a world von Upper east Side privilege. When Dan"s notfall anywhere near-poor, he blieb was born with much less opportunity 보다 Serena has, and hasn"t had whatever handed to ihm on a Tiffany spoon. Does Serena ever stop zu walk in Dan"s shoes? not really. Serena zu sein often far too busy worried about produziert problems und scheming kommen sie think about die fact Dan grew nach oben with viel less 보다 Serena did. It"s notfall as despite she has to walk on eggshells for the remainder of produziert life; she needs zu take a minute zu understand Dan"s perspective on life, early to die fact he flourished up bei a different class than she did.

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