Password direktor SafeInCloud was originally developed bei 2012 and is continuous adding new features und improving on bei ongoing basis.

More than 1 000 000 civilization are utilizing Password direktors SafeInCloud.

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No Subscriptions!

purchase the app license once und use the on an unlimited number des your devices that oase the very same OS. Lifetime. No monthly fees or extra charges!

Biometric Authentication

Instantly accessibility your dünn with a fingerprint, Touch ID, or confront ID on devices with biometric hardware.



Free desktop App

accessibility your säule from Windows und Mac OS v a free desktop computer app. Enter and edit your dünn quickly und easily with mouse und keyboard.

Zero-Knowledge Security

Zero-Knowledge security way that neither die application developer nor any kind of other person knows anything around your data. Your data is constantly encrypted with solid 256-bit advanced Encryption traditional (AES): on your devices, computers and an a cloud.


Cloud Synchronization

Sync your dünn automatically v your own wolke account on google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or also your own NAS server (via WebDAV).

Password Generator

create random, secure, yet memorable passwords with bei advanced password generator tool.

Automatic charme Import

Import your passwords immediately from another password manager or web browser using a free desktop computer app.

Autofill an Browsers und Apps

Autofill passwords on net pages in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Yandex browsers top top desktop. Autofill passwords bei mobile apps und Chrome web browser on Android.

Smartwatch app Companion

Keep the most frequently used passwords and PINs on her wrist with apple Watch and Android stay (Wear OS) companion app.

Browser Extensions

Install SafeInCloud extension for your web browser on fenster or Mac to autofill passwords on the Internet.

App This ist the finest functioning, wolke sync pw app, IMO. I have never had any problems through it synchronizing on multiple devices and computers.

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david Thames

It really helps to be able to carry roughly my passwords encrypted on my phone. I also have that on mine laptop, deshalb it is easy to synchronize betwee my phone und laptop for extra security.

claudia Theis

I oase used a bunch des password supervisors over die years und I choose this one ns best. Functions well und never had a sync problem. It nur works. Love the finger print login.

Scott timber

Tried around 5 password apps it rotates I got to this one. Perfect! No flashy gimmicks, nur slick operating, function rich and simple to use! Plenty des customisation available und now through a legend to indicate exactly how secure her passwords are. Wonderful app and worth every penny.

A google User

This zu sein a an excellent app, und the customer service is outstanding. The neu password strength indicator zu sein a an excellent help. Thus apps is secure, easy zu use and extremely reliable. A must have!

dennis Kupperman

The licensed app can be set up on limitless number of devices. Lifetime! iOS and Android apps licenses have to be purchased separately. Die payment zu sein one-time. No subscriptions!

Family zum Version

kann be shared with up kommen sie 5 members of google Play household Library


One-time payment


Individual jeden Version

can be used only under your google account


One-time in-app payment

Try complimentary

(for 2 weeks)

Family zum Version

tun können be mutual with up kommen sie 5 members of iCloud family Sharing gruppe


One-time payment


Individual jeden Version

tun können be supplied only under your apple ID


One-time in-app payment

Try cost-free

(for 2 weeks)

Pro Version


All jeden features space free, yet a few premium features (e.g. Windows Hello integration) expense $2.99.

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For fenstern 10

For fenstern 7 & 8

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