Google Home Mini Vs Google Home

The google Home is the original Assistant, and it"s blieb a great clever speaker. With wonderful sound quality and generous amounts von bass, plus intuitive touch controls, sensitive microphones und a minimalist look, this OG is blieb the one kommen sie get if music zu sein your thing.

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Fantastic sound v deep bassExcellent microphone sensitivityNice, minimalist designReplaceable baseTouch controls zum playback und volume

The residence Mini ist the entry point kommen sie Google"s clever speaker lineup, und it"s together fun to use heute as ever. If you"re looking zu play podcasts, listen to the news, or obtain Assistant kommen sie control your smart home, this zu sein your best bet.


Anemic sound und no bass kommen sie speak ofConsiderable softer hinweisen full volume than google HomeLacks substantial touch controls ~ above top

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Source: Nirave Gondhia / android Central

This short article compares 2 older assets from Google"s lineup. Google has because updated ns Home Mini v a newer nest Mini that sounds viel better, has actually improved touch controls, und costs nur $50.

While Google blieb sells ns original home Mini weist a discount, it"s most likely worth considering whether zu pick up the newer swarm Mini even punkt that greater price.

We deshalb have a devoted comparison betwee the swarm Mini und Google residence Mini, just an case you"re having actually trouble deciding bolzen them.

Nest Mini vs. Google Home Mini: Should sie upgrade?

There"s a $70 difference betwee the google Home and Home Mini, und for great reason: one is a true smart speaker the sounds good playing music, and looks great in any environment. The other one is tiny and fun, und can disappear into a life space. The Home Mini has a much weaker, tinnier speaker, but for podcasts or news, or just getting Assistant kommen sie do her bidding, it"s a much better value.


Big in importance yet small in stature, the google Home Mini zu sein a good addition to ns company"s hardware canon.

At just $30, ns rounded plastic puck, covered in fabric, is in inexpensive entry into Google"s burgeoning smart home ecosystem. It supplies a speaker that while lacking in bass zu sein adequate for most voice-based tasks. As it sits, the microphones listen weil das the "OK Google" hotword and, offers a farming number des commands through the google Assistant, a cloud-based AI the hooks deep right into Google"s knowledge Graph — ns same back-end the powers die company"s common search engine.

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For countless people, die $30 price ist right, and will most likely prove zu be an excellent vacation gift. But ist it precious springing die extra $70 weil das the larger, better-sounding google Home? Let"s discuss.



Google Home ist now over two years old, but it was built with google Assistant bei mind. It has actually two far-field microphones that space designed kommen sie pick hoch one"s voice even when there zu sein ambient noise about it. It has actually a touch-sensitive oberteil area with 4 colored LEDs that light up und dance wie activated. It"s powered von a proprietary dc power connection und a has a mute button on the back for zeit you don"t want die microphone zu listen.

For part reason, google chose Micro-USB instead des the more-versatile USB-C zu charge ns Home Mini.

The home Mini ist significantly smaller and doesn"t schutz the exact same number des features — for obvious reasons. That lacks the top touch controls des the google Home (which rotate out to be a critical entwurf flaw in the hardware itself, forcing google to permanently disable die feature), und has neither ns absolute volume nor die microphone sensitivity von its larger counterpart.

It deshalb charges v Micro-USB instead of a more power-hungry dc plug, and the mute function zu sein a switch, notfall a button. Finally, changing die volume on the Home Mini involves tapping on die left or best edge von the former instead of the more tactile and, ultimately, practical way des moving one"s finger over the Home"s oberteil touch panel.

At ns same time, the units space functionally identical where the counts: google Assistant. Each improvement made kommen sie Assistant — native supporting new smart residence products zu being much better able kommen sie answer direct questions using ns "OK Google" hotword — is rolled out kommen sie every unit. Both the Home and Home Mini möchte grow and improve bei abilities over time, and neither should advantage disproportionately indigenous software renovations made over time.

Sound quality


The main difference bolzen the two speakers isn"t functionality yet sound quality. Google Home has a 2-inch driver and dual 2-inch passive radiators, which journey a tremendous amount of low-end weil das a speaker von this size. It"s certainly far better than die first-generation amazon Echo, und very exciting to aufführen to wie jamming zu hip-hop, rock, or also jazz.

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The google Home Mini is a circumaural (or 360-degree) speaker, and lacks ns size weil das a bass-generating woofer. Together you kann see in the videos below, both sound good, but the larger Home definitely has a broader range und emphatic low-end.