Google Drive Freigabe Für Nicht Google Nutzer

Enabling die Power-Up

zu enable die Power-Up, offen the board menu on the right side of the page, choose a vacant Power-Ups slot, and then search zum the google Drive Power-Up. Click "Add" kommen sie enable ns Power-Up:


Authenticating with google Drive

Once ns Power-Up zu sein enabled for the board, every individual user will need to authenticate their google Drive account from within To do that, open up a card, click the google Drive button in the Power-Ups ar on the back of the card, und select "Attach a File," "Attach a Folder," or "Create and Attach."


A popup window will open if your google Drive account isn"t already connected kommen sie Click "Link google Drive account."


On the next screen, select ns account freundin want kommen sie use. Then, click "Allow."


Using ns Power-Up

You can access ns Power-Up indigenous the zurück of the card von clicking the google Drive button in the Power-Up section. From there, pick whether sie want to attach a document or folder, or kommen sie create a journey document und attach it to ns card.

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If freundin choose kommen sie attach a file, you"ll be provided the auswahl to navigate through google Drive"s records or folders und select ns file or folder you want kommen sie attach. Ns attached files möchte look prefer attached records uploaded directly kommen sie, v the auswahl to open those files an Drive.


If freundin attach a folder, you"ll lakers a list of sub-folders on the back of ns card, also as links to any documents bei that folder.

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If you select the möglichkeit to develop a new document, you"ll be offered the option to pick which kind of document.


Removing files und folders

zu remove a paper or folder, click die "remove" link next to die file or folder"s name.

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Disabling the Power-Up

kommen sie disable ns authorization with your google Drive account, open the Power-Up food selection on die board. Click die gear symbol next to ns Power-Up, and click "Remove angestellter settings."

kommen sie disable die Power-Up zum the board, open the Power-Up menu, click on die gear following to google Drive, and click "Disable" next to the google Drive Power-Up.Disabling die Power-Up will notfall cause any data loss. It möchte change the formatting of the links bei the card kommen sie be ns same as any kind of other fastened links.